15% Minoxidil Review

15% minoxidil review

1. What is 15% minoxidil?

Answer: It is the most potent minoxidil solution available.  In the 15% minoxidil solution, 15% of the weight of the solution is minoxidil. In another words, if you have one millilitre of the solution and dry it out, you should get roughly 150 milligrams of minoxidil. In comparison, if you do the same with 1 millilitre 5% Kirkland minoxidil, you will get roughly 50 milligram minoxidil.

If you don't know what minoxidil is,  minoxidil is the number 1 hair regrowth product in the US and around the world.  It is FDA approved for hair regrowth.  It has been approved for hair regrowth since 1988. Most popular products such as Lipogaine, Rogaine, Keranique, Nioxin all use minoxidil. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 people who are treating their hair loss are using minoxidil. Want to know more about minoxidil?  You can read the article --minoxidil all you need know.


2. Two main reasons why azelaic acid is usually added to 15% minoxidil solution?

AnswerThere are two main reasons why 15% minoxidil is usually compounded as 15% minoxidil with azelaic acid: 1). It has shown in vitro study that azelaic acid is a strong DHT blocker. It reduces the DHT concentration in the scalp to reverse genetic hair loss (male pattern baldness) that is currently believed to be caused by the excessive DHT in the scalp. 2). The other reason that is not so well known to the general public is that it actually helps the absorption of minoxidil. Minoxidil is a base, which likes to grab a proton in a solution and become an ionic molecule. Our skin does not absorb any ionic molecules (a molecule that is positively or negatively charged) very well. When azelaic acid is added, it will form azelaic acid-minoxidil complex, which is a neutral molecule and can be absorbed by our skin or scalp much more efficiently.


3. Three main reasons why big companies are not offering minoxidil 15%?


(1). Technical challenge. Very few companies in the world know how to compound 15% minoxidil. Believe it or not, most 15% minoxidil products available online are fake. They are either repackaged 5% minoxidil solutions or even no minoxidil at all. You can easily find out if a 15% minoxidil is real or not by having it tested by a reputable analytical lab. Arl Bio Pharma (http://arlok.com/) can test it for 150 US dollars.  

(2). Prohibitively Expensive: Companies need to go through an FDA approval process to allow them to market the solution. The approval process can easily cost hundreds of million dollars, and it can take many years to complete the clinical trials.

(3). Lack of Patent Protection: They don't have a patent for the use of higher than 5% minoxidil solutions to treat male pattern baldness, which means any company can make and sell it. For something to be patentable, one of the requirements is that it has to be something new that has never been disclosed to the public before. So even if a big pharmaceutical company decides to invest in 15% minoxidil and successfully gets FDA approval, it won't be able to patent it since this formula has long been used. Yes, if they can make a 15% minoxidil foam, they could patent the 15% minoxidil foam because no one has ever made such a product to our best knowledge. Without a patent, a big company won’t invest in it to get FDA approval because its profits cannot be guaranteed. Keep in mind that when big companies make decisions on investment, the first thing they consider is how much profit it can make, not how good a product is. If selling sugar water or junk food can bring them big profit, they will not hesitate to do so.


 4. How do I know if a minoxidil 15%  is real?

Answer: As mentioned in question 3 above, you can easily find out if a 15% minoxidil is real or not by having it tested by a reputable analytical lab. Arl Bio Pharma (http://arlok.com/) can test it for 150 US dollars. It is a GMP certified company in the USA.  


5. Are all 15% minoxidil products the same?

AnswerNo. Part of the reason is mentioned in question 3 and 4. Most of the  15% minoxidil products are actually not real. In addition, the solvent vehicles and their amounts are different between brands, resulting in difference in absorption and usability and ultimately their effectiveness. Furthermore, the difference in auxiliary ingredients (such as finasteride, azelaic acid, retinol, and or caffeine) further differs one brand from another.


6. Why are people interested in buying 15% minoxidil?

AnswerThe short answer is: it works. It is the most potent hair growth stimulating product. It is the best hair regrowth treatment.  As far as I know no single 15% minoxidil supplier has ever made any unrealistic false promises as what other hair loss products (literally hundreds of them on the market) typically do. Nonetheless, more and more people are turning to 15% minoxidil despite its much higher price than generic 5% minoxidil. Based on the feedback from people who have used it, there is no doubt that 15% minoxidil works and works better than 5%. 


7. Is 15% minoxidil stable?

AnswerThe stability of 15% minoxidil varies depending on how it is compounded. If properly compounded, it has pretty decent stability. According to the completed accelerated stability study, it shows that minoxidil and azelaic acid are stable for at least 3 years.


8. How to use 15% minoxidil solution?

Answer: It is typically recommended to use 15% minoxidil once a day in the evening. Because of the high concentration, it takes time to dry. If properly applied, most of the product should be absorbed by the scalp in 1 hour. It is also recommended to use a 5% minoxidil in the morning.


9. Glycerin or Propylene glycol, which one is a better vehicle for compounding 15% minoxidil?

AnswerThe glycerin based  minoxidil 15% is milder than the propylene glycol based one. It eliminates any scalp irritation caused by propylene glycol. Therefore, if you are known to be allergic to propylene glycol, a glycerin based version (or minoxidil without propylene glycol) is recommended. The down side of the glycerin based 15% minoxidil is that it takes slightly longer than the propylene glycol based version to dry.

When the two types of solutions are properly compounded and used properly, they should be equally effective.


10. Is 15% minoxidil safe?

Because the formula contains minoxidil used in this formula, 15% minoxidil solution is expected to have the same potential side effects as generic 5% minoxidil. People are strongly recommended to be vigilant about all the listed side effects when using 15% minoxidil. We haven’t seen any customer who developed side effects with the use of azelaic acid in this formula yet. See the complete minoxidil side effects here.


(Want to find out more information about 15% minoxidil with finasteride? click here)


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