EssenGen-6 Plus
  • Essengen-6 Plus combines two FDA approved ingredients into one solution. It has 6% minoxidil and 0.05% finasteride

    It is compounded with reduced amount of propylene glycol to help dry much faster than regular 5% minoxidil topical solutions such as Kirkland or Rogaine solution and reduce greasiness.

    It also help ease scalp itch caused by propylene glycol in some people. 

    Topical finasteride and minoxidil work synergistically to achieve the best hair regrowth: minoxidil stimulates hair to grow, while finasteride blocks the build-up of DHT in the hair follicles of the scalp to prevent further hair loss and allow the hair to grow normally. 

    Essengen-6 Plus is for anyone who wants to have both minoxidil and finasteride in one solution. It is for people who have mild, moderate, or advanced hair loss in the front, on the top, or general thinning. It can be used by people post hair transplant. 


    Main Advantages of Essengen-6 Plus:

    ✔ It has both Minoxidil and Finasteride.

    ✔  It dries super fast. It is odorless and nongreasy. 

    ✔  No need to take oral finasteride, thus less likely to have finasteride side effects.

    ✔  Works far better than minoxidil or finasteride alone.



  • Minoxidil 6%

    Finasteride 0.05% (0.5mg per ml. 1.0mg with two applications a day, 1ml each)




  • Essengen-6 Plus: Contains Propylene Glycol (PG) (low amount).

    Essengen-6 Plus PG Free: Cotains Glycerin. Free of PG.




  • New on June 30, 2022PG Free version is added to our product line.  Now we have two versions of Essengen-6 Plus. The previously launched version is formulated with propylene glycol (PG), called Essengen-6 Plus

    The new version is formulated without PG, called Essengen-6 Plus PG Free. It contains glycerin instead of PG. It is for those who are allergic to PG.  

    Both versions can be selected from the production options (next to price on this page).


  • Apply up to 1 mL of this product to your scalp that has hair loss using the included dropper; twice daily with at least 8 hours apart between the two applications.

    Spray Application? If you want to apply Essengen-6 Plus via spray, you can purchase a sprayer from our store. Five pumps of the sprayer dispenses approximately 1ml of solution. However, we highly advise against using a sprayer and suggest using a dropper instead (which is included in the product), particularly if you have long or relatively dense hair. Spraying may lead to excessive solution being wasted on the hair instead of being delivered to the scalp.


  • Essengen_6_Plus



  • Topical Finasteride works as effectively as oral finasteride (brand name Propecia®) possibly with less side effects. Please read the blog "Does Topical Finasteride Work?" for details.



  • If you are interested in a topical minoxidil 6% and finasteride 0.3% solution, check out Essengen-6 Extra.

    If you are interested in a solution that has finasteride only (without any minoxidil), check out Essengen-F.

    If you are interested in a higher strength minoxidil (15%) with finasteride, check out Dualgen-15 NO PG Plus.

    If you are interested in a solution that has tretinoin and azelaic acid in addition to minoxidil and finasteride, check out Maxogen-X.

    Can't find a product that you are looking for? Please let us know, and we will be more than happy to find a solution for you.

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Verified Buyer
Amazing product
I have been using Essengen-6 Plus almost 6 month and result is amazing. I saw results after one month when I started using this product. My hair regrow more and more and feels thicker than before. So I am not stopping and planning to continue using this amazing product for my hair. The shipping is very fast, thank you sellers!
Verified Buyer
Using Essengen-6 Plus for 6 months
I have been using EssenGen-6 Plus for 6 months. During the first months there was no improvement but towards the end of the 6 months my hair started to get thicker. I really like the product and using the pipette you can apply the product very specifically and it also dries super fast.
Verified Buyer
I honestly don’t even know what to say . If I seen my pictures I would think it was a lie . I’m just being honest . Just try it what do you have to lose . He don’t offer the first bottle for free for no reason but it will take at least 3 months maybe more to start seeing result but it will work . I started with essengen 6 plus because I wanted to be able to up the dose if it ever wore off so i started a lower dose.
Verified Buyer
Can't believe why this product is sold not everyone. Minoxidil with finasteride cocktail is a no brainer. I bought it some time ago and I am so satisfied I have also recommended it to some friends.

The product is high quality and it worked for me! Communication, customer services and quick delivery are top standards!
Verified Buyer
Essengen 6 Plus
Been using this product for the last 7.5 months. As a 25 year old, this is probs the worst time of your life to lose hair. Have been suffering from male pattern baldness since I am 17 and my constant worry for my people during the Hong Kong Protest for freedom lead to an increase in hairloss to the point where I can barely hide my bald spots. Fortunately, this product does work magic and I am seeing regrowth in areas where it used to be bald, and my hair felt stronger overall. I am just glad i do not have to hide my thinning crown whenever there is bright lighting.
Verified Buyer
Happy with the results so far
I started to use this product early Jan 2022. Just been using it for over 2 months so happy with the results so far. I was taking oral finasteride before but so happy I made the switch to this. Will continue to use this.
Verified Buyer
Wonderful !
Using it for already 3 months, works like magic :)
Verified Buyer
This product is very good. My hair is much better after using it for 3 moths. No side effects so far.
Verified Buyer
Good product!
A very good product! It’s not causing itching like other Minoxidil products and dries up very fast and this is a huge benefit.Of course patience is the key along with the use of the product.
Verified Buyer
Using essengen-6 plus
I have try this product for 10 months. See my pictures before & after for the result.