Basic Care Minoxidil vs kirkland Review

basic care minoxidil

Basica Care® Minoxidil is another generic Rogaine® Minoxidil liquid, just like Kirkland Minoxidil. For those who are not familar with this new brand, you may be surprised because Basic Care® seemed come from nowhere and all of sudden it climbed to the no. 1 position on when you search minoxidil. Basic Care is actually an Amazon's own brand. 


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Stemoxydine 5 vs Minoxidil vs Aminexil Review | Hair Loss Ingredients

stemoxydine review



There are numerous products on the market intended for hair loss treatment. Many of them have completely different key ingredients. This makes it difficult to choose the right products.  We very often received questions from our customers asking our thoughts on Stemoxydine and Aminexil. Here we are going to briefly examine these two ingredients in comparison with the gold standard Minoxidil.

Why Is Minoxidil Sulfate A Bad Idea?

Minoxidil sulfate

Using minoxidil sulfate is a bad idea for 4 reasons: a). Minoxidil is converted to minoxidil sulfate automatically. b). Minoxidil sulfate is very unstable. c). It too expensive to buy real minoxidil sulfate. d). It compromises the activity of minoxidil.

Theradome Hair Growth Laser Helmet Review with Photos in Details

Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

This blog is to review Theradome laser hair growth system, one of the many brands that belong to low level laser therapy (LLLT) (also known as laser phototheraphy -LPT). Some major LLLT brands includes HairMax, Igrow, Theradome, Irestore, and Capillus