Minoxidil Frequently Asked Questions & Minoxidil Review

Minoxidil Frequently Asked Questions


This is a looooong article about the world's NO.1 hair regrowth product Minoxidil .  For regular customers, it will be more than enough to just read the first part: 30 frequently asked questions about minoxidil (Minoxidil FAQ). If you want to be an expert on Minoxidil, you can read the second part, which is our professional minoxidil review that covers topics (1) how minoxidil was discovered; (2) how minoxidil works to grow hair; (3) How different concentration of minoxidil affect the effectiveness; (4) minoxidil side effects, etc, and more.


Minoxidil For Women

minoxidil women


Hair loss is a common problem among all the genders. Men, however do not pay heed to it as many women do, because baldness in females is less appreciated and not a ritualistic practice. Over the years, man has perfected ways to overcome the baldness and hair loss factor in man. Minoxidil topical solution, finasteride, and hair transplant. have been practiced throughout the world and have shown significantly fruitful results as well.


Finasteride Frequently Asked Questions & Finasteride Professional Review

This is a looooong article about the world's second best selling hair loss treatment product Finasteride.  For regular customers, it will be more than enough to just read the 16 frequently asked questions about finasteride. If you want to be an expert on finasteride, you can read the second part, which is our professional finasteride review.

1. What is Finasteride?

Finasteride 5mg Sexual Side Effects caused by knowing too much?

In a study that was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. in 2007 (4(6):1708-12. Epub 2007 Jul 26. ), it showed the people who are informed about possible side effects of 5mg finasteride reported significant higher rate of side effects than those who were not informed, which suggests a lot of people who have side of effects from using finasteride may not come from the drug itself, rather it is a  result of nocebo effect. 

Capillus Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy Hat Review

capillus review

This review is for Capillus Mobile Laser Therapy Cap. As Low Level Laser Therapy device for hair loss treatment, Capillus is no different from other brands like iRestore, Theradome and HairMax in the following several aspects: (a)  how it works;  (b) the suitable hair loss it can treat; (c) the skin type it may work (yes, not all skin will work) ; (d) and safety.  Nonetheless, it is quite unique in

Minoxidil liquid vs Minoxidil Foam, Which is Better

liquid minoxidil vs foam minoxidil

A lot of users who switched from Minoxidil liquid to Minoxidil Foam noticed increased hair loss and had to switch back to liquid minoxidil.


People wonder why the liquid minoxidil works better than minoxidil foam.

This is particularly puzzling given that clinical studies have showed the foam has better success rate than liquid. 

We all know that 5% minoxidil works better than 2% minoxidil. That is because the amount of minoxidil matters.

Polaris NR 09 :15% MINOXIDIL

polaris nr-09, nr09




Claim: Like no other topical treatment yet devised, Polaris NR-09 regenerates hair to reverse male pattern baldness via three unprecedented pathways:

Hair Transplant Doctor Hair Loss Expert in Canada: Complete List

hair transplant doctors in Canada



Blow is the complete list of hair transplant doctors, hair loss treatment experts in Canada.



1. Sure Hair International

Website: Surehair.Com

Services: Hair Replacement, Hair Transplantation, Laser Hair Therapy, Stem Cell And Hair Regeneration

Natural Products Means Better?

Question:  If a hair regrowth product is made of natural ingredients, does it mean that it is safer than a product made of synthetic ingredients? 

Answer. The answer is absolutely no. As a matter of fact, the opposite may be even true.

First of all, there is no hair growth product that is made of all natural ingredients. There are many purported natural hair regrowth products. The fact is that they have only one or two natural ingredients. Mojority of the ingredients are actually not.

Secondly, natural ingredients are exposed toxic chemicals during extraction such as hexane, ethylacetate, etc.

Dutasteride vs Finasteride For Hair Loss Treatment

dutasteride vs finasteride

Dutasteride:  A Modern Cure for Balding? Modern drugs are making great strides in solving many of the problems we used to simply accept as our fate.  Think, for a moment, about the drug Botox. Initially introduced as a vanity drug to help people eliminate wrinkles, it's now been shown to help migraine sufferers end debilitating headaches.

lipogaine big 5 shampoo vs lipogaine big 3 shampoo (purple)

lipogaine big 5 shampoo vs lipogaine big 3 shampoo

As a long time user of Lipogaine big 3 shampoo (purple label), you may be worried when you receive the new shampoo and noticed that the "Big 3" on the fron of the label is changed to big "Big 5". Nobody wants any change if it has worked. 

See the main image of this blog for the difference of the two shampoos.

The good news is the name is the only change. The formula was not changed at all. The ingredients are the exactly the same and listed in the same order. See the comparision of the ingredients in this two shampoos. The only difference in the ingredients are the five ingredients Argain oil, Biotin, Black Caster Oil, Caffeine, and Saw Palmetto Extract are listed in bold. 

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