Polaris NR 09 :15% MINOXIDIL

polaris nr-09, nr09




Claim: Like no other topical treatment yet devised, Polaris NR-09 regenerates hair to reverse male pattern baldness via three unprecedented pathways:

Hair Transplant Doctor Hair Loss Expert in Canada: Complete List

hair transplant doctors in Canada



Blow is the complete list of hair transplant doctors, hair loss treatment experts in Canada.



1. Sure Hair International

Website: Surehair.Com

Services: Hair Replacement, Hair Transplantation, Laser Hair Therapy, Stem Cell And Hair Regeneration

10% minoxidil with 0.1% finateride

We have the most comprehensive list of minoxidil and topical finasteride product. We still do not have every concentration and combination our customers may want.

10% minoxidil with 0.1% finasteride is one of them. But it is very easy to make such a solution using our the products we offer.

Natural Products Means Better?

Question:  If a hair regrowth product is made of natural ingredients, does it mean that it is safer than a product made of synthetic ingredients? 

Answer. The answer is absolutely no. As a matter of fact, the opposite may be even true.

First of all, there is no hair growth product that is made of all natural ingredients. There are many purported natural hair regrowth products. The fact is that they have only one or two natural ingredients. Mojority of the ingredients are actually not.

Secondly, natural ingredients are exposed toxic chemicals during extraction such as hexane, ethylacetate, etc.

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Hair Loss Treatment and Products



Different Minoxidil Products For men

Rogaine for men  Rogaine for men _liquid photo rogaine men liquid_zpssftwmq9t.jpg 5% minoxidil

Requires two applications a day, continuous use is required to maintain the regrown hair

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lipogaine big 5 shampoo vs lipogaine big 3 shampoo (purple)

lipogaine big 5 shampoo vs lipogaine big 3 shampoo

As a long time user of Lipogaine big 3 shampoo (purple label), you may be worried when you receive the new shampoo and noticed that the "Big 3" on the fron of the label is changed to big "Big 5". Nobody wants any change if it has worked. 

See the main image of this blog for the difference of the two shampoos.

The good news is the name is the only change. The formula was not changed at all. The ingredients are the exactly the same and listed in the same order. See the comparision of the ingredients in this two shampoos. The only difference in the ingredients are the five ingredients Argain oil, Biotin, Black Caster Oil, Caffeine, and Saw Palmetto Extract are listed in bold. 

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Private Label 5% Minoxidil Foam and liquid, Now available.

minoxidil 5% foam private label
Private label liquid minoxidil has been available long before the foam product. The big-box stores such as Walmart and Target or national chain drug store such as Walgreen and CVS have their own privately label brands. The minimum quantity requirement is very high (like truckload size) for private labeling. That is why only those big-box stores or the national major drugs stores can afford it. 

Compounded hair loss treatment with minoxidil, finasteride, azelaic acid, ketoconazole, progesterone

Compounded hair loss treatment with minoxidil, finasteride, azelaic acid, ketoconazole, progesterone

Compounding pharmacy may offer a concortion solution that has a combination of any of the following ingredients:  minoxidil with concentration 2% to 15%, finasteride typically at 0.1% or 0.2%, azelaic acid varing from 1% to 12.5%, ketoconazole in the range of 1% to 2%, progesterone typically at 1% to 2.5%.

Because the solution is cusomized and it is labor intensive and requires special skill to compound, it comes with a great price tag, it generally costs over 100 bucks per 60 mL solution. 

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Lipogaine Review | What Real Users Say About Lipogaine?

Lipogaine review

For Lipogaine lovers, it is heartbreaking to see that Lipogaine decided to stop selling its best hair loss products (Lipogaine for men, Lipogaine for women) on Amazon to avoid hefty Amazon commission fee. For those who never used Lipogaine products before, you can't help thinking if Lipogaine lives up to it hype. 

NuHair DHT Blocker Review

What is Nu-Hair DHT Blocker - Hair Regrowth Formula?

Besides being a mouthful, DHT Blocker is a supplement that well, inhibits the production of DHT. For some reason, it is sold under two different brands, Nuhair and Shen Min by the same parent company, Natrol, with similar designs.

Zinc is a vital mineral in the prevention of hair loss and promotion


The Shen-Min DHT Blocker Version

Minoxidil For Beard | Does it Work?

minoxidil for beard

Minoxidil is FDA approved to grow hair. It is currently the most popular hair loss treatment in the world.  A lot of people ask if minoxidil also helps grow beard. The answer is definitely yes.  Quite some of our customers use minoxidil solution to either repair beard patches, grow beard faster, or to connect sideburn with chin. Majority of them receive very satisfactory results. 

To grow hair, minoxidil solution typically requires two applications a day, while it is sufficient to use only once a day to grow beard. 

People should be aware that beard does not grow overnight. It generally does not grow over one inch a month. So do not check every  10 minutes if the beard is changing.

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Is Microneedling for Me?

microneedling for hair loss

Statistics indicate that by the age of thirty-five, nearly two-thirds of men experience some hair loss. Once it happens, it can be frustrating and embarrassing. Many men would try anything to change the situation, and the emotional pain of dealing with alopecia or male pattern baldness drive many people to try techniques that can help potentially regenerate the hair growth process.  Derma rolling (or micro needling) is one technique many men try.


Trinov Lozione Anticaduta Results

The Performance of Brotzu Lotion


Brotzu lotion, the famed invention of Italian scientist Dr Giovanni Brotzu has only seen 1 published study conducted by the inventor himself in 2019

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