lipogaine big 5 shampoo vs lipogaine big 3 shampoo (purple)

lipogaine big 5 shampoo vs lipogaine big 3 shampoo

As a long time user of Lipogaine big 3 shampoo (purple label), you may be worried when you receive the new shampoo and noticed that the "Big 3" on the fron of the label is changed to big "Big 5". Nobody wants any change if it has worked. 

See the main image of this blog for the difference of the two shampoos.

The good news is the name is the only change. The formula was not changed at all. The ingredients are the exactly the same and listed in the same order. See the comparision of the ingredients in this two shampoos. The only difference in the ingredients are the five ingredients Argain oil, Biotin, Black Caster Oil, Caffeine, and Saw Palmetto Extract are listed in bold. 

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Pure Biology Reviva Hair | Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo Review

pure biology revivahair

Pure Biology is a very new brand. It does not have any official site and all products are exclusively available on Amazon as of today. Several of its products were catapulted  to number 1. position on Amazon immediately after it was released. Pure Biology RevivaHair Growth Stimulating Shampoo Review is one of these products.

Let's take a look at Pure Biology RevivaHair shampoo together.

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Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Review, The Top 6 list

low level laser therapy for hair loss review

Low-Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Review, The Top 6 list

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Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Safflower Extract, Natural Hair Growth Solution Debunked

peppermint oil for hair regrowth

Many sellers try to sell people "revolutionary natural hair regrowth products" with similar stories (1) Their products are made of naturals ingredients and free of any "terrible side effects of minoxidil or finasteride". (2). The natural ingredients are clinical proven to work better than minoxidil or finasteride. (3). The creator of the product may even claim he used the products himself and received amazing results by showing before and after pictures that are actually from the use of minoxidil and/or finasteride or hair transplant. 

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Basic Care Minoxidil vs kirkland Review

basic care minoxidil

Basica Care® Minoxidil is another generic Rogaine® Minoxidil liquid, just like Kirkland Minoxidil. For those who are not familar with this new brand, you may be surprised because Basic Care® seemed come from nowhere and all of sudden it climbed to the no. 1 position on when you search minoxidil. Basic Care is actually an Amazon's own brand. 


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Compounded hair loss treatment with minoxidil, finasteride, azelaic acid, ketoconazole, progesterone

Compounded hair loss treatment with minoxidil, finasteride, azelaic acid, ketoconazole, progesterone

Compounding pharmacy may offer a concortion solution that has a combination of any of the following ingredients:  minoxidil with concentration 2% to 15%, finasteride typically at 0.1% or 0.2%, azelaic acid varing from 1% to 12.5%, ketoconazole in the range of 1% to 2%, progesterone typically at 1% to 2.5%.

Because the solution is cusomized and it is labor intensive and requires special skill to compound, it comes with a great price tag, it generally costs over 100 bucks per 60 mL solution. 

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Hair Transplant Doctor Hair Loss Expert in Canada: Complete List

hair transplant doctors in Canada



Blow is the complete list of hair transplant doctors, hair loss treatment experts in Canada.



1. Sure Hair International

Website: Surehair.Com

Services: Hair Replacement, Hair Transplantation, Laser Hair Therapy, Stem Cell And Hair Regeneration

Trinov Lozione Anticaduta (Brotzu lotion) Review, All You Need to Know

brotzu lotion trinov review

What is Trinov Lozione Anticaduta? We will go over the ingredients, mechanism of action, validated results in men and women, adverse effects and side effects, accessibility and price, as well as its performance compared to other well-established remedies for hair loss – Minoxidil and Finasteride in this blog.

TRINOV (Brotzu lotion) Ingredients

TRINOV (Brotzu lotion) Ingredients



Brotzu lotion, also know as Trinov Lozione anticaduta or  Trinov lotion, is a patented formulation by Fidia Farmaceutici. It is a new product for hair loss treatment with lots of hypes. The effectiveness of a product lies in the ingredients. This blog will focus on the ingredients of this product. For the comprehnsive review of the product, please read Trinov Lozione Anticaduta (Brotzu lotion) review.    


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How Does MinoxidilMax Affiliate Program Work?

how does affiliate program work

What are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant Web site pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic.

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Trinov Lozione Anticaduta Results

The Performance of Brotzu Lotion


Brotzu lotion, the famed invention of Italian scientist Dr Giovanni Brotzu has only seen 1 published study conducted by the inventor himself in 2019

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Minoxidil Shampoo | Why is it a bad idea?

minoxidil shampoo



Minoxidil shampoo is a hair loss product which contains minoxidil as the primary active ingredient. It appears to be a very convenient hair loss treatment because it limits any additional work for users by integrating it with daily shower use. Nonetheless, the biggest question is: does it work? This blog will answer this question with scientific evidences. It also discusss different brands of shampoo with minoxidil and their possible side effects. Furthermore, this blogs also discusses superior alternatives.

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Trioxidil, All You Need to Know


Trioxidil is a triple action hair health complex which contains a plethora of active ingredients that work synergistically to promote hair growth and stimulate thick and robust hair. This triple action hair anti-thinning complex. What is the components of it, any side effects, does it really work, what is the better options. Find all the answers in the blog.

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RU58841 For Hair Loss | Safe Finasteride Alternative? A Chemist's View


RU58841 has not been approved anywhere in the world for hair loss treatment. Some people believe that RU58841 is a safe alternative to finasteride. Is it really true? is there any other better options available if someone does not want to use finasteride? What is the verdict on how often RU be used? What are the caveats when one is trying to make it own solution?