Kérastase Densifique Hair Treatment review

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In 2016, Densifique’s new formula combines for the first time Stemoxydine® with the Complex Glycan and texturising polymers  to increase the look of hair density. For the first time in the history of hair care, Kérastase ventures into a new step in the control of follicle biology by introducing glycobiology, the study of glycans, which has been awarded seven Nobel Prizes. Proven results: The hair fiber appears booster. After 3 months, the programme helps maintain the hair's density with more than 1000 new hair revealed.* (* Clinical study conducted  versus placebo with daily application of the cure during




Rogaine (Minoxidil) is perhaps the best known remedy in the world of hair loss products. It has received Food and Drug Administration approval and mainstream OTC distribution. Additionally, scientific studies show the product is effective with consistent use (Twice a day for a minimum of four months). Johnson & Johnson heavily advertises the fact that their Rogaine product is capable of helping 85% of men grow their hair back and/or to stop further hair loss. Rogaine is a product specifically for men, and is available without a prescription in both liquid and foam dosages. But while it has clearly proven its efficacy, Rogaine’s major limitation is that it only treats the symptoms and doesn’t cure any underlying conditions causing the hair loss. Rogaine users should expect

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Vichy Dercos Neogenic Hair Loss Treatment review

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Overview: Vichy Dercos Neogenic is an innovative treatment in the form of ampoules stimulating natural hair growth. 

The formula is based on a new patented molecule Stemoxidine 5%, which oxygenates and regenerates stem cells bulbs, positive effects on the growth of new hair. 

The use of Vichy Dercos Neogenic brings excellent results in both women and men, in the form of thick, healthy hair, after the first three months of treatment.


Question:  If a hair regrowth product is made of natural ingredients, does it mean that it is safer than a product made of synthetic ingredients? 

Answer. The answer is absolutely no. As a matter of fact, the opposite may be even true.

First of all, there is no hair growth product that is made of all natural ingredients. There are many purported natural hair regrowth products. The fact is that they have only one or two natural ingredients. Mojority of the ingredients are actually not.

Secondly, natural ingredients are exposed toxic chemicals during extraction such as hexane, ethylacetate, etc.

Thirdly, quality control testing of natural ingredients to detect any toxic impurities is very challenging. Most raw