Dualgen-5 Fast Dry
  • Dualgen-5 Fast Dry is our new addition to Dualgen-5 series. We currently have 3 different versions of Dualgen-5, namely Dualgen-5 NO PGDualgen-5 With PG  and Dualgen-5 Fast Dry All have 5% minoxidil and 5% azelaic acid. The effectiveness of these 3 products is similar to each other. The difference lies in the solvent vehicle, gentleness to scalp and drying speed.

    Dualgen-5 NO PG: Most friendly to sensitive scalp. Dries slowest among the 3 products.

    Dualgen-5 Fast Dry: Dries Fastest. Friendly to sensitive scalp.

    Dualgen-5 With PG: Medium Drying Speed. Medium friendly to sensitive scalp.

  • Minoxidil 5% (i.e. 3 grams of minoxidil in bottle, i.e. 50mg/mL)

    Azelaic acid 5% (i.e. 3 grams of azelaic acid in bottle, i.e. 50mg/mL)

    ABN complexTM : 0.8%

    Retinol: 0.025%

    Caffeine: 0.001%

  • fast dry minoxidil with azelaic acid


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Verified Buyer
I've been using it for about a month. This product dries quickly and is not sticky. It seems to be the best among non-PG products. It's not very sticky, so it flows down quickly, so you have to be careful not to get it on your eyes.
Verified Buyer
This product dries really fast, very easy to use. I use this product only in the morning, it gives the hair more volume. My hair falls has stopped, I have to add that I also use Essengen 6 plus in the evening.
Verified Buyer
It work well
I am so satisfy quality and service. Thanks again
Verified Buyer
Dries Fast & Less Oily
half years of use, grows a lot of baby hair on the hairline, side scalp less visible, and the first minoxidil product that doesn’t leave my hair super oily, definitely will stick to it! thanks again!
Verified Buyer
Stopped hair loss, noticeable thickening
I have been using this product for 4 months in place of Loxon 5% (Minoxidil). Just before starting the treatment I stopped using my previous Minoxidil product, what increased shedding which I was already experiencing on abnormally high levels. Dualgen stopped the shedding and over the course of 4 months my hair started to look thicker. It is hard to evaluate the regrowth as I did not take any "before" photos, but the fact that now I'm not noticing even nearly as much hair lost during showering or brushing hair as I did before is a strong enough sign for me that it's doing its job.
Verified Buyer
60 days use, and I am happy! Looking forward to the next 60 days!
I have been using Dualgen-5 Fast-Dry for just 60 days. I have had ZERO side effects and I have noticed my hair DENSITY and individual hair THICKNESS has improved a great deal. I can no longer see through my hair, which used to be the case! My hair has always been very thin, but I am starting to see a significant difference in FULLNESS. I am using the Dualgen-5 Fast-Dry during the day because it's 1) easy to apply, 2) dries fast, and 3) no causes no mess like the Kirkland stuff! I also like the Essengen-6 Plus for days-time use (if you don't mind Finasteride; I am trying it out now). During the night I use the Kirkland stuff (only because I have a couple bottles left), and in the last week I started using the Dualgen-15 NO PG Plus at bedtime. The products I have purchased here are definitely high-quality, premium Minoxidil/Finasteride products compared to others I've used, so I am very happy to have found them! I was always worried about how Minoxidil products would affect my hair-styling during the day; but DO NOT WORRY use the Dualgen-5 Fast-Dry, or the Essengen-6 plus for day-time use and you will be just fine.
Verified Buyer
Good product
Excellent product so far