Fine mist sprayer
  • This sprayer fits perfectly with all the topical products (2 oz packaging) we offer.

    Approximately 1ml of solution is dispensed with 5 pumps.

    When using it with our topical solution, remember to put on the sprayer cap after each use. Otherwise, the solvent will evaporate, leaving residue inside the sprayer that can clog the orifice and cause the sprayer to malfunction.

     If you have long and relatively dense hair, we strongly recommend you use the dropper that comes with the topical solution instead of using a sprayer. 

    We believe that applying the solution with a dropper (aka, pipette) is superior to a sprayer for the following reasons:

       a. With a dropper, you have the ability to part your hair and directly apply the solution to your scalp, minimizing wastage on the hair that can occur when using a sprayer.

       b. A dropper allows for better volume control compared to a sprayer. The amount of solution delivered with each pump using a sprayer may vary, resulting in different total volumes even if the same number of pumps is used consistently.

       c. The sprayer head is more prone to malfunction than a dropper. The orifice of the sprayer can easily become clogged, leading to operational issues.





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Verified Buyer
Easier to apply
Much easier to apply the solution this way. And they fit perfectly on the bottles. They are somewhat fragile, had to change one that wasn't working half way of the bottle. But other then that so far so good! Using Dualgen without PG.
Verified Buyer
Does not fit the bottles
Do not really understand what is the point of this mist sprayer as it does not fit any solvent bottle which is 2 oz. As far as I understand it is only for 'main' products, but if you want to make a different concentration in either PG or PG free solvent, sprayer does not fit.

Reply From Seller: : This sprayer won't fit the 4 oz solvent bottle we offer. It only fits the 2 oz bottles, which we use for all of our minoxidil/finasteride/dutasteride products. When you use our PG Solvent or PG Free solvent to dilute our product, all you need to do is to transfer the diluted solution back to the 2 oz bottle so you can use this sprayer.