Minoxidil For Beard | Does it Work?
minoxidil for beard

Minoxidil is FDA approved to grow hair. It is currently the most popular hair loss treatment in the world.  A lot of people ask if minoxidil also helps grow beard. The answer is definitely yes.  Quite some of our customers use minoxidil solution to either repair beard patches, grow beard faster, or to connect sideburn with chin. Majority of them receive very satisfactory results. 

To grow hair, minoxidil solution typically requires two applications a day, while it is sufficient to use only once a day to grow beard. 

People should be aware that beard does not grow overnight. It generally does not grow over one inch a month. So do not check every  10 minutes if the beard is changing.

It is also important to keep in mind that consistent use is required to see result.  Most people should see significant difference in two months. (One bottle, 60mL is sufficient for 2 months).

The application of the solution is very easy. Every minoxidilmax product comes with a dropper. You can use the dropper to deliver the solution to the area where you want to grow beard. Squeeze the bubble gently to let the solution come out slowly. Meanwhile, you can also use the tip of the dropper to spread the solution to prevent it from running. Then you can use a finger further spread out the solution. It is best to use it at night.



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  July 29, 2019

Which product is suitable for beard growth?

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  August 1, 2019 Author

You can try Essengen-5 NO PG Fast Dry. Thanks.

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  November 7, 2015 Author

It works so well that some women may grow facial hair particularly with high concentration of minoxidil. that is why women are not recommended to use any minoxidil greater than 5%.

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  October 28, 2015

can minoxidil work on women?