Minoxidil For Women
minoxidil women


Hair loss is a common problem among all the genders. Men, however do not pay heed to it as many women do, because baldness in females is less appreciated and not a ritualistic practice. Over the years, man has perfected ways to overcome the baldness and hair loss factor in man. Minoxidil topical solution, finasteride, and hair transplant. have been practiced throughout the world and have shown significantly fruitful results as well.


On the contrary, the treatment options for women hair loss are much limited. Physicians prefer solutions that can be directly applied to the scalp instead of anything taken orally. To name a few, Minoxidil, and Aldactone are particularly used to treat the hair loss problem in the females. Finasteride can only be used by men; it can’t be used by women. Initially Minoxidil was used in medicinal form to treat the patients of high blood pressure, but excessive hair growth in patients was noticed with the use of it. So the solution was proposed where Minoxidil with 2% concentration was applied on the scalp of the person experiencing hair loss. The results are promising because this stimulated hair growth. Often people have criticized the usage of this product because they fear the internal side effects that may be caused due to its application on scalp. But it has been found through extensive research that only minimum amount of Minoxidil is absorbed through the skin directly into the blood stream and the percentage is usually low thus eliminating threats of side effects. One must be aware that the FDA has not approved the concentration of 5% Minoxidil for women. Women are safe to use 2% and 3% minoxidil.


One must be aware that with the use of this product, in a first few days, hair shedding may be witnessed, but that shouldn’t concern you because it is a sign that hair regeneration is about to begin soon. Lipogaine for women is considered the gold standard in Minoxidil products for women. If you are a brand conscious person then Lipogaine might be the best Minoxidil product for you. Rogaine is another of its products in the market. It is applied daily on the hair as a part of treatment. It acts as a styling gel as well. So you can carry out any fashionable or trendy look as well. The price of Minoxidil products in United States of America is usually under$30 per month.


 So far the results and feedback from the female minoxidil users have suggested that this product works very well for women with female pattern hair loss (or androgenic alopecia),  It is particularly effective for those who are in the early stage of hair loss.  

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