Polaris NR 10 : 16% MINOXIDIL CREAM Review
polaris nr-10 minoxidi cream


This is the highest concentration of minoxidil product offered by Polaris Research Laboratory. It has 16% minoxidil. Not sure why Polaris Laboratory offers a 16% minoxidil product instead of a more popupar 15% minoxidil product. Apparently 1% difference in minoxidil concentration won't make much, if any, difference in effectiveness. As a matter of fact, any minoxidil available on the market won't have the exact concentration clamined on the label. It is normal to see a 15% minoxidil product actually has 16% or 14.5% minoxidil in it.

Users should be aware that Polaris NR-10 is not liquid. It is a cream. Majority of the minoxidil products on the market are liquid, which makes sense because the FDA approved minoxidil product is a liquid product. There is no doubt that the cream based minoxidil can be absorbed by scalp as well. But it is not clear if the cream can be absorbed as effectively as the liquid product. No study has been conducted to demonstrate that. A lot of users prefer to use a liquid product over a cream because liquid dries faster and it is a lot easier to apply.

This product requires two applications a day, which is different from Dualgen-15 Plus that is recommended to use only once a day.


Size: 60 ml (2 oz). One month supply.


Pump dispenser  4 times on the palm and use finger tips to apply the solution to the hair loss/thinning areas.

Use your fingers to distribute evenly and massage movements rub into the scalp

Do not rinse. For best results, you need to wash your hair every day

Twice daily.



For external use only

Contraindicated in heart disease or medication lowers blood pressure

Discontinue use if you have any chest pain or palpitations

Do not use if you are under 18 years of age

Do not use women

Keep out of the reach of children



16% Minoxidil

0.1% Finasteride



Multi-peptide Complex

Vitamin Complex


Zero alcohol