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RegrowMD laser 272



This blog offers in depth analysis of RegrowMD laser 272 laser cap in comparison with several other brands made by the same manufacturer, and show you how to save $200.

RegrowMD laser 272 laser cap is a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) based device for hair loss treatment. LLLT was demonstrated to be safe to treat hair loss. It was first FDA cleared  (not approved) for hair loss treatment in 2007. 

Currently threre are three types of LLLT devices for use at home. 

1. LLLT Lasercomb marketed by HairMax. 

2.  LLLT laser helmet, such as Therapdome, Irestore, ihelmet, and iglow.

3.  LLLT laser cap,  such as Hair CovetCapillus, Kiierr, Redrestore,  and the one this blog is going to review-- RegrowMD laser cap. 

The laser comb requires user to hold the device and comb hair for 10 to 15 minutes (every other day). Apparently, it is much less convenient than laser helmet or cap, which you can just put it on your head for 20 to 30 minutes a day (3 times a week) without even thinking about it. Laser cap looks more like a baseball hat, thus it is more discreet than the laser helmet.  


RegrowMD Laser 272 Laser Cap

RegrowMD 272 is a product from Hairmax, the first company that offers LLLT product for hair loss. After marketing lasercomb for nearly 10 years, it eventually jumped on the bandwagon of the laser cap products for obvious reason: the lasercomb technology is so outdated.

It is interesting to see that RegrowMD Laser 272 cap is not publicly listed on Hairmax's official site ( To see the product on, you need to first visit, and click the buy button on there and then you will be directed to the hairmax's official site to check out.

Why does HairMax do this? We will give several possible reasons at end of this blog. Let's first take a look how it looks like first.


What is included in the product?

what is included in regrowmd 272 laser cap


Product  Features

How it works? RegrowMD Laser 272 works by delivering laser light to the scalp, energizing and activating hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. 

BioLight Comfort design with linear openings for better light flow

Number of laser diodes: 272 Laser diodes, NO LED lights.

How often should one use: Just 30 minutes, 3 days a week

Discreet use – wear under sports cap or your favorite hat, Use at home or on-the-go

Lightweight, portable and battery-powered for hands-free use


Who can use the product?

Like other laser cap such as Capillus, this product does not work for all hair loss type and skin types.

It works only for androgenic alopecia (male/female pattern hair loss). Even with the androgenic alopecia, it is only intended for men with Norwood-Hamilton Scale classifications of type IIa to V and women with Ludwig Savin Scale classification type I to II. (see image below). 

The skin type RegrowMD may work is Fitzpatrick Skin Types  I to VI as indicated below. Worth noting that it works better for light skin than dark skin. Presumably the dark skin obstacle the penetration of laser light and makes it less effective or ineffective at all. 


How to use RegrowMD?

User is supposed to wear RegrowMD cap every other day, 30 minutes each time, which is different than Capillus laser cap that requires daily use, 6 minutes a day. It is more similar to Irestore which is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, 25 minutes a week.  One needs to continue to use the device to keep the results. 


When using the product, put it on your head, press the on/off power button on the battery to turn on the cap.  The device makes a beep every 10 minutes. it shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. The use for Kiierr, Hair Covet and Redrestore is all the same.




RegrowMD Safety, Side Effects

LLLT is generally believed to be free of any side effects except for some complaint of scalp itchiness. 

It very important to make sure your head is free of minoxidil or any other hair care products when you use the device. You can still use minoxidil products like Lipogaine and Rogaine as if you were not using the laser helmet. You just need to wash your head and dry it before you use RegrowMD.

It is imperative that you keep the device away from water, wet spots, or anything damp. Also, make sure your hair is dry before using it, and it should be kept away from the reach of children or pets.

Avoid looking at the laser light diodes directly when they are on. 


How is RegrowMD laser cap compared to other brands?

 There are several other brands of laser cap that look and work very similiarly to RegrowMD.  They are listed below side by side. 

   RegrowMD Capillus Kiierr Hair Covet Redstore
Number of
laser diode
272 272 272 272 272
 Wavelength of laser (nm)  650  650 650  650 650
# of LED lights  0 0  0  0 0
 FDA cleared?  yes  yes  yes  yes yes
FDA approved? NO NO NO NO NO
 Where is it made China USA China China China
 Battery powered? Yes   Yes  yes  yes yes
Including wall plug for outside USA?** NO  yes NO NO No
Quality Very Good Excellent Good Good Good
Price (USD) $999 $2999 $845 $736 $839


From the look, there is almost no difference between these brands RegrowMD, Capillus, Kiierr, Hair Covet and Redrestore. The main device is made of a plastic dome with 272 laser diodes mounted inside and a sports cap to cover the dome. The sports cap is for aesthetic purpose. Product can be used without it.

So what are the difference of the five brands above?

1. Price: as shown in the table above. 

2. FeatureCapillus is somewhat different from the other four in that its plastic dome is flexible while the other four have a firm dome. It also has the safety feature that the other four don't have: the treatment session will automatically pause when the hat is taken off the head. Capillus also has a mobile app, while the others don't have.

The other four brands including RegrowMD, Hair Covet, Redrestore are essentially the same except that RegrowMD has a flexible Biolight Comfort (see below) for more comfortable wearing. 

3. Battery: The batteries used by the RegrowMD and Capillus last much longer than other 3 brands. You can use more than 10 times before you need to recharge it, while the other three brands recommend to recharge the battery after every 3 sessions.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee: This is probably the most important factor when considering which cap to buy. They all sound very good. But that is only true before you read the fine print. Here are the details as of Feb 11, 2020.

     a. RegrowMD:  One year satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can return the product any time within one year, but needs to pay 25% restocking fee.

     b. Capillus: The same as Regrow MD.

     c. Red Restore:  One year satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can return the product any time within one year, but needs to pay 20% restocking fee. The product must be in resellable condition. Otherwise, return may be rejected or buyer needs to pay 50% restocking fee.

     d. Hair Covet:  Eight months satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can only request return six months after the purchase, and customer has one month widow (from 8th to the 9th month post the purchase) to return the product no need to pay any restocking fee if the product is in the same condition it was in when you receive it, except for normal wear.  

     e. Kiierr:  Seven months satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can request return for refund only if he/she submitted a before photoBuyer can only request return seven months after the purchase and customer has a mere 7 day widow to do so. You'd better set some reminder on your phone, otherwise you will for sure miss the narrow window.

In summary, Hair Covet probably has the most lenient return for refund condition, while Kiierr's has the most stringent condition, which makes it almost impossible to get the refund if you do not return in 7 days upon receiving the product and willing to pay 20% restocking fee. If satisfaction guarantee is very important to you and don't want to take any risk of paying restocking fee, you probably should check out Irestore Laser Helmet . 





RegrowMD Before and After Photos

The before and after photos by the use of RegrowMD are quite impressive. But you should take it with a grain of salt because same photos are used by many other brands of LLLT devices. 

regrowmd before and after result photos


Why is RegrowMD not publicly listed on Hairmax official site?

Here is the thought.  First, Hairmax offers another much more expensive 272 laser diode hat called Laser 272 Powerflex Cap (Unit price is $1,999), a private-labeled product of Capillus. There may be some type of agreement between HairMax and Capillus that prevents Hairmax from private-labeling a similar product of different manufacturer and sell it publicly on its site for much lower prices ( unit price for RegrowMD laser 272 laser cap is $999). In additon, having two laser caps that work equivalently but so different retail price will just make customer confused and hesitate to buy either model.

You may wonder why HairMax does not stick with RegrowMD and get rid of Laser 272 Powerflex Cap. The problem is that it can't do this, because it will put it in direct competition with other brands like Redrestore, Hair Covet or Kiierr, which it can't win as those brands have much lower overheads cost and can sell the product for much lower prices.



RegrowMD's price is about $200 more expensive than several other similar products such as Hair Covet. The products are exactly the same except for the packaging. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, definitely choose Hair Covet laser cap

If you have a deep pocket and want to have the best quality, you should check out Capillus laser cap. If you want to pay for a reasonable price for a very well built laser helmet, you should definitely consider Theradome laser Hair Growth Device. One product that is quite popular online but you should avoid is Irestore that uses useless LED lights to beguile customers.

To ensure the best results, it is best use it with minoxidil and/or finasteride product. Keep  in mind that LLLT is only FDA cleared (meaning it is safe to market) but NOT approved for hair regrowth like minoxidil and finasteride.



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Cristina 's picture


  October 11, 2020

Hey, i use Minoxidil twice a day and wash my hair twice a week hence it would be impossible to use the helmet after washing the Minoxidil off. I tried to look for info on their site but cannot find anything. Might i ask why you write that the minoxidil should be washed off and not only make sure that your hair / scalp is dry? Thank you , C

Email address: 
Bryant's picture


  October 15, 2020 Author

When you use a laser helmet or cap, you need to make sure your hair is free of any chemical. If you use any minoxidil product, there will always be some residue on  your scalp or hair. Thus washing  your hair is necessary. 

Email address: 
M's picture


  March 23, 2020

The article never explained how to save $200, as it said it would in the first sentence..?

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Bryant's picture


  April 1, 2020 Author

To save $200 or more, choose Hair Covet Laser Cap mentioned in the blog. They are exactly the same thing except for the packaging. 

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Jasmine's picture


  December 17, 2019

I have long hair, can I use RegrowMD?

Email address: 
Bryant's picture


  December 18, 2019 Author

For the device to work, the laser light has to shine on the scalp.

You may part your hair to expose your scalp and then put the device on your head, which should help.


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Vicky's picture


  November 3, 2019

How should I used a minoxidil product like Essengen-5 together with RegrowMD?

Email address: 
Bryant's picture


  November 5, 2019 Author

You will just need to use the Essengen-5 as if you were not using RegrowMD. You use it two times a day.  

Prior to use RegrowMD, make sure you wash any minoxidil off your head and your hair is completely dry. Towel dry is not sufficient. 

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