• ✔ Ultimate Solution With Ultimate Convenience: Maxogen-X combines FDA approved ingredients in one single solution to offer the maximum hair regrowth yet with extreme convenience.  The product requires only one application per day. It is a non-greasy, clean, odorless, and fast drying solution. 

     ✔ Two FDA Approved Ingredients in One Solution and More: Minoxidil (7.0%) with Finasteride (0.15%), enhanced with Azelaic acid (1.5%), Retinoic Acid (aka, tretinoin 0.025%) and Caffeine.

     ✔ No Need to Take Finasteride Pill: If you are currently taking 1mg finasteride pill a day, there is no need to continue taking the pill when using this topical solution.

     ✔ No Hormone: Zero hydrocortisone. Some clinics use hormone hydrocortisone in their products to control scalp irritation, which is unnecessary. It is better to not use any hormone in a product for a long term usage.

     ✔ Unbeatable Price: Similar solution usually costs >$80 per month.  Ours costs $35 a month for a 2-month supply, or <$32 a month if you order 6-month supply. 

     ✔ Who Can Use the Product: Any man with mild or advanced hair loss, frontal and/or vertex hair loss or general thinning. If you are using a product containing minoxidil 5%~8% minoxidil, finasteride (0.1%~0.3%, eg, 0.25%) and retinoic acid (aka, Tretinoin) (0.01%~0.03%), you can confidently transition to Maxogen-X and receive similar result. 

     ✔ Skin Friendly: Free of Propylene glycol (PG, or PPG). PG is the culprit that causes scalp irritation seen in most other brands of minoxidil products.



  • Minoxidil.....................7.0% (70 mg*)

    Finasteride...............0.15% (1.5 mg*)

    Azelaic Acid.................1.5% (15mg*)

    ABN ComplexTM    ........0.8% (8.0 mg*)

    Retinoic Acid (aka, Tretinoin)......0.025% (0.25 mg*)

    Caffeine:.............0.001% (0.01 mg*)

    (* amount in each mililiter (ML))



  • Apply up to 1 ml of  Maxogen-X to your scalp in the hair loss area using the included dropper, preferably, in the evening.

    Once a day should be sufficient for most people. 

    Use no more than 1 ml each time.

    You only need to use enough to cover your balding/thinning area with a thin film of the solution.

    No massage is needed.

    You can use your finger tip or the tip of the dropper (included) to spread the solution.

    Try your best to apply the solution directly to your scalp by parting your hair.

    Otherwise you end up with wasting the product on your hair and it takes longer time to dry.



  • maxogen-x



  • 1. What is the volume of each unit and how long does it last?

    A: One unit has two ounces (60 mL).  It is sufficient for two (2) months with one application per day. 


    2. What does each of main ingredients do?

    A: Minoxidil:  FDA approved hair growth stimulator. Finasteride:  FDA approved DHT blocker. Retinoic acid (aka, tretinoin): minoxidil enhancer. Minoxidil with Tretinoin, used once daily, is shown to have same results as that of using minoxidil twice dailyAzelaic Acid: a natural DHT blocker. ABN ComplexTM: our proprietary complex for non-genetic hair loss. Caffeine: hair growth stimulator.   


    3. Why don't you use hydrocortisone in Maxogen-X. 

    A Some clinics use hormone hydrocortisone in their products to control scalp irritation, which we believe is unnecessary based on our experience. It is better to not use any hormone in a product for a long term usage. The chance to have scalp irritation with Maxogen-X is very low (<5%). The benefit of hydrocortisone does not outweigh its risk. 


    4: I have used Dualgen-15 NO PG for two years and received very good results. Can I switch to this product?

    A: You can do that. It is recommended to use Dualgen-15 NO PG and Maxogen-X at the same time for two months (transition time) to see if there is any negative effective before you completely switch to Maxogen-X. You can alternate Dualgen-15 NO PG and Maxogen-X by using each product a day during the transition time.

    If you are currently using any other products from MinoxidilMax and plan switch to this product, it is recommended to do the same. Give yourself some time to switch and monitor the change.  


    5. Should I use Dualgen-15 Plus or Maxogen-X?

    A: Dualgen-15 Plus (Dualgen-15 NO PG Plus or Dualgen-15 With PG Plus) has somewhat advantage in effectiveness in general, while Maxogen-X has tremendous advantage in convenience. Maxogen-X dries much faster and is much less grease compared to Dualgen-15 Plus. In addition, Maxogen-X requires only one application a day; there is no need to use another topical solution with it. While Dualgen-15 Plus itself generally requires one application a day in the evening, it is typically recommended to use in conjunction with a lower strength product such as Dualgen-5 in the morning.

    Therefore, Dualgen-15 Plus is preferred if you want to have the maximum effectiveness, and Maxogen-X is preferred if you want to have great result with great convenience. 

    If you are currently using Dualgen-15 Plus and plan to switch to Maxogen-X, please do what is recommended in the question 3 above.


    6. Why does Maxogen-X require only one application per day, while other products require two times a day?

    When the first minoxidil based hair regrowth product (Rogaine) was launched, it required twice daily application. Other hair regrowth products followed suit. There has always been a demand to cut down the number of application for better compliance and convenience. As a matter of fact, we have received a lot of requests from our customers to offer a solution that can work very effectively with once daily application. 

     The addition of the retinoic acid (Tretinoin) is the key in this product. Clinical study has demonstrated minoxidil with retinoic acid offers equivalent results as using minoxidil only solution twice daily. More information regarding retinoic acid can be found here


    7. Why is Maxogen-X recommnended to be used in the evening?

    ARetinoic acid increases the sensitivity of your scalp to the sun. Therefore if you apply Maxogen-X in the morning, you should avoid direct sun exposure to the scalp or wear a hat. In addition, strong sun light degrades retinoic acid and make the product less effective. 


    8. How is this product compared to other products we offer?

    A: Please visit this page to see the comparison of different products we offer


    9. Can I use a sprayer to apply Maxogen-X?

    A: Yes, you can purchase a sprayer from our store to apply Maxogen-X via spray. Five pumps of the sprayer dispenses approximately 1ml of solution.

    However, we highly advise against using a sprayer and suggest using a dropper instead (which is included with all the topical solutions we provide), particularly if you have long or dense hair. Spraying may lead to excessive solution being wasted on the hair instead of being delivered to the scalp.




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Verified Buyer
First Month On Maxogen-X
I had been using Rogaine Foam 5 % for the past three years. I got excellent results on the back portion of my scalp, but not such great results on the front of my scalp and my hair line. The back part of my scalp is actually very full now, where as it was getting thin before I staring using Rogaine foam. I believe I would never get any results on the front part of my scalp unless I added a DHT blocker. I tried taking a finasteride pill, but I wound up with some side effects. I did a web search to see if if anyone made a topica DHT blockerl and I found Maxogen-X. I have been using it for one month and no side effects that I can notice. It seemed for the first two weeks, I was shedding more, but that may be a good sign. One month in and the shedding has stopped. I will evaluate results in two more months to see if I am getting any thicker on the front past of my scalp. For now, I can at least say, that the texture and condition of my hair is better with Maxogen-X vs. Rogaine foam. My worry is that I am not getting enough of the Maxogen-X liquid to my entire scalp with one dropper full. My hair in the back is thick and I keep the hair in the front part of my scalp longish. I do a through job massaging it in with my fingertips and then, I dip the dropper into the bottle and run the side of the dropper on my hair line and temples where I am thinnest. I'll be back in a few months with the verdict on any new hair growth to the front part or my scalp.
Verified Buyer
Seems to work well after 3 months
One time per day before going to bed. I'm also using a 0.75mm derma roller once a week and do not apply Maxogen-X in the next 24 hours. I think that I went from 5a to 4a in Norwood scale Hope it can help
Verified Buyer
Ive been using it 9 months , great results. Its the best solution I am your customer forever
Verified Buyer
Great product!
Work pretty well. Give it 2-4 months before seeing results, after which it only gets better. Super easy to use as well. I have been using it for more than a year, and I'm glad that I didn't chicken out during the first two month hump (I almost did!) when shedding of the end-of-life hair increases to make way for the new hair to eventually start growing.
Verified Buyer
A bit tricky to use but works
I've been using it for 2 months. It works but doesn't seem to be quite as effective as essengen 6 for me. I think this is because its actually quite a thick liquid and i find it a little harder to apply effectively. This means that some does get soaked into the hair and is not on the scalp. It is great only having to apply once a day as applying twice can make swimming and gym trips tricky.
Verified Buyer
Good product
I'm using it for almost three months, and I can say that the shedding has stopped so far and I can see some improvement at the hair density and quality.
Verified Buyer
Maxogen has not shows extraordinary results so far
I have been using it for a month or two now, have not see any extraordinary results. I would still wait for some more time, meanwhile i have ordered demapen for microneedling. Lets see how that goes , if there is anything extraordinary i will post it here. For now am happy but not overjoyed by the product.
Verified Buyer
very useful product!
very convenient product! not itchy, dries quickly, no side effects and great results although quite early to tell! only 1 month after start. will update in the future
Verified Buyer
Good hair results but...
Definitely seeing new hair growth around my 'widows peak' at the front of my hairline which is great as I have been using other products for some years now - so this seems to be triggering new hair growth where they didn't. But the downside is, even using it only at night, I get dry peeling skin on my hairline and in only very mild sun (this is spring in the UK after all!) I got badly burnt in that area (my head is well used to the sun normally). Even without the lotion on it. So beware. Might need to balance.
Verified Buyer
Works well 6+ months with only one application
I've been using the solution for more than 6 months and the results are great. I was using another solution with 2 application/day but maxogen even though a bit pricey it worths my time since it requires one application.