Topical Spironolacone 5% For Men and Women: Maxogen-S

Topical Spironolactone Cream

This product is NOT offered in the US.

  • Maxogen-S has the main effective ingredient spironolactone at 5%, a safe antiandrogen that can be used for both men and women.   Maxogen-S is absorbed and metabolized rapidly. It only has local effect without any systemic effect. It can be used by both men and women.  Maxogen-S has additional ingredients  Retinol, Caffeine, and Copper tripeptide to enhance its effectiveness. No other spironolactone on the market has four ingredients in one formula.


    A. Effective ingredients:

      5% spironolactone



      copper tripeptide


    B. How to use?

    Maxogen-S is very simple to apply. Dab some on your fingertip and work it in around the base of the hairs. You just need a thin film covering your hair loss area. The lotion is absorbed by your scalp very quickly.




Frequently Asked Questions About Topical Finasteride
  • Q. What is spironolactone?
    A. Spironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic (water pill) that prevents your body from absorbing too much salt and keeps your potassium levels from getting too low. It has been used safely for more than 40 years to treat hypertension and fluid. The pharmaceutical effects of topical spironolactone are local to the skin where it is applied and there are no systemic effects from its use on the scalp.

    Q. What does spironolactone have to do with treating hair loss? 
    A. There are three distinct benefits of topical spironolactone in its use as a treatment for hair loss.  (1). Spironolactone significantly reduces the amount of DHT in the scalp by inhibiting the conversion of precursor steroids to DHT.  (2). Spironolactone reduces DHT in the scalp by converting localized testosterone into estrogen, which is thought to be protective of the hair follicles.  (3). Spironolactone blocks the follicular androgen receptor sites, thereby rendering any residual or circulating DHT harmless to the hair follicles.

    Q. How is spironolactone compared to finasteride? 
    A. spironolactone is a weaker DHT blocker compared to finasteride. However it is generally considered safer than finasteride. See here for the possible  finasteride side effects.

    Q. What are topical spironolactone’s side effects? 
    A. Spironolactone is rapidly and completely metabolized in the skin and does not affect any other organ system. In about 1% of patients, a rash can develop. If this happens, the patient should discontinue use of topical spironolactone. .

    Q. Are there any drawbacks to the use of topical spironolactone?
    A. Although topical spironolactone is pharmacologically one of the most effective topical treatments for MPB, there are inherent drawbacks, e.g. spironolactone has a disagreeable odor if it is not formulated right. Minoxidilmax has spent years of research and development and made this product completely free of any unpleasant odor.  

    Q. How do I apply if I want to use both your minoxidil products and Maxogen-S? 
    A. Some people use Maxogen-S in the morning and the Minoxidil products such as Dualgen-15 in the night. If you want to use both products twice daily, you can apply Maxogen-S first and wait for 0.5 hour to allow it to be absorbed before applying Minoxidil product.

    Q. I am a woman, can I use Maxogen-S? 
    A. Yes, if you are not pregnant or breast feeding.