We started offering a comprehensive panel of minoxidil solutions ranging from 2% to 15% in 2008. That is where the name MinoxidilMax came from. Over the years, we expanded our product line to include topical finasteridedutasteride, and many other products.  Our team has been staying at the forefront of research in the hair loss field and developing various solutions for the needs of different people.  You will for sure find the product you need in our store.



At MinoxidilMax, we strive to deliver the very best in hair regrowth products and work hard to lead the way in treating hair loss through our understanding of dermatological science.  We combine proven ingredients discovered by pioneers in hair loss treatment in a single solution to deliver unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Our products are loved around the globe by customers who return again and again because of the amazing results delivered by MinoxidilMax. Hair loss professionals have enthusiastically embraced MinoxidilMax. Many have offered the products to their clients via the private label of our products. 



All ingredients used in MinoxidlMax products are sourced from reputable manufacturers that have cGMP certificates in place.  We further test the key ingredients in-house to ensure they meet specifications before use. This selective process ensures the purity, efficacy, and consistency of our products.





We understand fighting hair loss is not an easy battle. It requires patience and commitment from users and consistency in the products. You can be assured that you get the products you paid for and the exact same product from batch to batch when you order from us.

Here are a few good reasons why you can put your trust in us:

1.  Our comprehensive product line helps you find the right one for your specific needs.

2.  The unmatched effectiveness, and yet very affordable price.

3.  Intensive skills in formulating various hair loss products with more than 10 years of experience. 

4.  World-class customer service.

5.  And, very importantly, our products' superior quality and consistency.

If you still hesitate, you can request a free sample and see the difference yourself.