DualGen-15 With PG Plus
  • ✔ The Ultimate Hair Regrowth Solution: DualGen-15 With PG Plus is the most powerful solution available for fighting against hair loss. Compared to  Dualgen-15 With PG, this product has additional topical finasteride.

    ✔ Two FDA Approved Ingredients in One Solution: DualGen-15 With PG Plus has the maximum strength of FDA approved hair growth stimulator and DHT blocker Finasteride (0.1%) with other auxiliary ingredients such as Azelaic acid (5%), Retinol (0.25) and Caffeine.

    ✔ No Need to Take Finasteride Pill: If you are currently taking 1mg finasteride pill a day, you don't need to continue to take the pill if you use this topical solution. The amount of finasteride in each mL is 1 mg.

    ✔ Who Should Use DualGen-15 With PG Plus:  This product is intended for men with advanced hair loss. It is most suitable for those who used Dualgen-15 With PG for at least four (4) months without satisfactory results.

    ✔ Propylene Glycol (PG or PPG): This product has PG. If you are known to be allergic to propylene glycol, it is recommended to use Dualgen-15 NO PG Plus, which has the same effective ingredients as this product but without PG. 



  • Minoxidil: 15.0%

    Finasteride: 0.1% (1mg of finasteride in 1 mL)

    Azelaic acid: 5%

    ABN Complex TM : (0.8%)

    Retinol: 0.025%

    Caffeine: 0.001%



  • Water, Propylene Glycol (PG) (low amount), Alcohol, Aloe gel


  • dualgen-15 With PG Plus



    certificate of analysis of topical finasteride






  • You can use the Max Roller System 2 to 3 times a week to increase the effecacy of any minoxidil products including this product. 


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Reviews (43)

Verified Buyer
Works so much better than expected
For me, at least, Dualgen-15 works much, much better than I had expected. I starting fighting hair loss in my mid twenties by using a no-brand minoxidil 5%, and it did work. Back then I could even see some regrowth of the receding hairline. But the solution was only able to slow down the inevitable. Now, on the wrong side of 35, I still had more hair than any other make in my family, but patches of skin have started to shine through. I even started thinking seriously about hair transplant and was told that I’d need 2000 grafts, but kept butting it off because I was afraid that the non-grafted hair would keep falling out. I could never bring myself to risk the side effects of oral finasteride, but when studies appeared about the efficacy of topical solutions I decided to hunt one down (it’s not available in my country). I was halfway through my second bottle when I noticed the results. I didn’t take before and after pics, but I didn’t need them to see what was going on. The regrown hair was all the same length and clearly growing in the areas it hadn’t. It’s not as thick as in other areas, but it fills out the spaces so that it makes a ton of difference. I’m on my third bottle now (a new bottle every two months) and I’m so pleased with the results. It’s still not the same hair I had in my early 20s, but it’s pretty close to what I remember from my late 20s. I find myself more confident. I even catch myself running fingers through my hair - something I’d consciously avoid for years. And i think its still improving. I’m not sure if it’s the extra dose of minoxidil or finasteride that does it for me. In any case, I don’t have any side effects do far and the solution is easier to apply than regular minoxidil (only once a day) and once you get used to the micro-punching roller it’s actually a welcome ritual.
Verified Buyer
Great company
Only just started using this particular product but past product have been highly effective. I would also like to vouch for Minoxidil Max as offering exceptional service, speedy delivery (and I live in the UK) and offering exceptional value for money! Even with shipping added from North America it is much cheaper than buying from a UK based hair loss company!
Verified Buyer
6 months
After delaying doing something about my hair loss for over 5-6 years I finally decided to try a product. Even though I had no faith in hair growth products I thought I would give MinoxidilMax a go and thought when it didn't work at least I could tell myself I tried. Boy was I wrong! Coming onto my 6th month now on DualGen-15 my hair looks so much thicker and has taken a complete u-turn. Parts of my scalp which I thought were doomed have blossomed with new thick strands of hair. Don't fool yourself and think this will work overnight, it took a good 3-4 months for me to notice any change, but after the 4th month it just went bang! FULL, THICK HAIR! Not only has this product helped me grow back fill my scalp, my new hair has now given me the confidence to get back into shape and lose over 10kg in the last month (thanks duromine :) PS. Finasteride was scary to read up on, but thankfully it had no side effects on me (sex is still a big part of my life :)
Verified Buyer
Great company - Great product
I have purchased from Minoxidilmax for 4 years now - during the current 'health crisis' I had one order go astray which they promptly replaced free of charge - all other orders over the 4 years have been fine- - that is reassuring as the product is shipped from overseas. I have always been impressed by the way the company continually develop the product as new research sheds light on hair loss- I used a UK 5% solution when it became available many years ago and realized it did have an effect on hairloss- it stopped it getting any worse- however,- the 15% solution Minoxidil Duogenplus- actually results in hair regrowth - it can still be a slow process but it works- it's the only product I use now and the results have been very noticable - 15% solutions aren't available in the UK with Minxidilmax I know my orders are in safe hands
Verified Buyer
Great results
I have using this products Dualgen-15 with PG plus for awhile and I have great results. This product not only stopped my hair loss but also regrow a lot of new hairs. I can't thanks for Dualgen-15 with PG plus enough. I will continue to use this product to keep my hairs regrowth in full. Thank you
Verified Buyer
Can't believe the results
These photos show the results after several months of using minoxidil 15% with topical finasteride DualGen-15 With PG Plus. As man in his late 30s I had no expectation of getting my hair back. I can't believe the results I got from Dualgen-15 With PG Plus.
Verified Buyer
Best product!
This is by far the best product that i've ever used in the market. I've been using it since last year and results are just perfect!
Verified Buyer
Great product that works
Having noticed my hair starting to thin on top, I did some research as to products that seem to have good reviews. Having now tried this product for several months, I am more than happy to add to the growing list of positive reviews about this product. I would highly recommend as it certainly seems to be making a difference and I intend to continue to use it.
Verified Buyer
Great price - great product
I have been buying from Minoxidilmax for about 5 years now- the 15% works and It's a product and a company I trust- they also keep on top of current research and this has been reflected in the product over the years
Verified Buyer
DualGen-15 With PG Plus is Very Effective
I have used this product for over a year after using the 5% version prior. The difference is noticeable and my hair loss has been greatly reduced after switching to the DualGen-15 With PG Plus. It takes around 1/2 to 1 hour to fully dry, so application timing is required if you have to go out later. The liquid is slightly sticky while drying but there is no stickiness once it has become completely dry. With the hairstyle I have this doesn't present any issues. DualGen-15 With PG Plus has consistent from order to order - no variations in color, viscosity or packaging. I feel this product has been extremely effective and I will continue to use it to control my hair loss.