This product is NOT offered in the US.

  • Essengen-5 NO PG FAST DRY: This product has 5% Minoxidil without any additional effective ingredient.  It is perfect for those who are allergic to regular liquid minoxidil such as Rogaine or Kirkland minoxidil because of the propylene glycol in it. This product is free of propylene glycol (PG, PPG). Glycerin is used to replace propylene glycol to avoid scalp irritation.  It is estimated that 2 out of 10 users are allergic to propylene glycol. This product is also very suitable for those who do not like the greasiness of regular minoxidil and wish to have a clean and fast drying minoxidil. 

    New: Product with glycerin is usually associated with greasiness and slow absorption. We recently improved this formulation and made it dry extremely fast. We are confident to say that this new formula is the fastest drying and cleanest 5% minoxidil, liquid or foam, on the market. It dries even faster than 5% minoxidil foam. The product used to be called Essengen-5 NO PG. It was changed to Essengen-5 NO PG Fast Dry  since January, 2017 after the formulation was improved.


    If you want to use a product with 5% minoxidil only (without any other ingredient like azelaic acid, or finasteride)  that is clean, non-greasy, fast drying, and good for sensitive scalp, this product is your perfect choice. Because this product is in liquid form, it works better than 5% minoxidil foam due to better penetration and absorption.

    If you want to use a product minoxidil with higher strength or with additional ingredients, you can check out other products we offer. You can see the comparison of all the products here

    Note: We have another product called Essengen-5 FAST Dry, which is also a fast drying 5% minoxidil. That product still has propylene glycol, albeit it has much less amount compared to regular liquid minoxidil. Although there isn't much need to offer Essengen-5 FAST Dry any more as the improved Essengen-5 NO PG dries so fast now, we will continue to offer it in case some of our old customers prefer it.

    The bottom line is that if you never used any of our Essengen-5 before, and you want to use the best 5% minoxidil liquid without any additional ingredients, you should try  Essengen-5 NO PG FAST DRY.



  • Minoxidil 5% 


  • Apply up to 1 mL of this product to your scalp that has hair loss using the included dropper; twice daily with at least 8 hours apart between the two applications.


  • For external use only

    Extremely flammable: keep product away from fire, flame, and do not smoke during and immediately following application.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away.

    For general warnings, please read minoxidil side effects