• Essengen-5 NO PG FAST DRY: A professionally formulated hypoallergenic, non-greasy, fast drying 5% Minoxidil.

    This product is perfect for both men and women who are allergic to regular liquid minoxidil such as Rogaine or Kirkland minoxidil because of the propylene glycol in it. This product is free of propylene glycol (PG, PPG). Glycerin is used to replace propylene glycol to avoid scalp irritation.  It is estimated that 2 out of 10 users are allergic to propylene glycol. This product is also very suitable for those who do not like the greasiness of regular minoxidil and wish to have a clean and fast drying minoxidil. 

    New: Product with glycerin is usually associated with greasiness and slow absorption. We recently improved this formulation and made it dry extremely fast. We are confident to say that this new formula is the fastest drying and cleanest 5% minoxidil, liquid or foam, on the market. It dries even faster than 5% minoxidil foam. The product used to be called Essengen-5 NO PG. It was changed to Essengen-5 NO PG Fast Dry  in January, 2018 after the formulation had been improved.


    If you want to use a product with 5% minoxidil only (without any other ingredient like azelaic acid, or finasteride)  that is clean, non-greasy, fast drying, and good for sensitive skin or scalp, this product is your perfect choice. Because this product is in liquid form, it works better than 5% minoxidil foam due to better penetration and absorption.

    If you want to use a minoxidil product with higher strength or with additional ingredients, you can check out other products we offer. You can see the comparison of all the products here


    This product is also very suitable for using on the face to grow a beard. New Jan 2023:  we launched a new product called Maxogen-B, a 5% minoxidil product that is not only PG free but also alcohol free. We also boost its effectiveness by incorporating biotin and caffeine into the product. 

    best minoxidil for beard growth


  • Minoxidil 5% 


  • For Men: Apply up to 1 mL of this product to your scalp that has hair loss using the included dropper; twice daily with at least 8 hours apart between the two applications.

    For WomenApply up to 1 mL of this product to your scalp that has hair loss using the included dropper, once daily. Best to be applied in the evening.


  • propylene glycol free minoxidil



  • You can use the Max Roller System 2 to 3 times a week to increase the efficacy of any minoxidil products including this one. 


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Verified Buyer
3 month results
I recently started using this product. For the first month, I used minoxidil 5% with PG, but it was slow to dry and left my hair looking a little greasy. As such, I made the switch to Essengen-5 (no PG). It dries very quickly and my scalp does not feel or look greasy after it dries. It is still early, but I am already getting some results. Most of my hair loss has taken place at my temples, with diffuse thinning on my crown. As you can see on my photos, I am already getting small vellus hairs (baby hairs) that have begone to grow on my temples. While I can't really see any new hairs on my crown yet, the region feels a little more fuzzy, so I believe it is beginning to work there as well. Hopefully these vellus hairs will convert to terminal hairs in time. So far I am satisfied with Essengen-5 and the results.
Verified Buyer
PG Free Works!
I have a sensitive scalp and tried countless Minoxidil producers but non worked like the one from MinoxidilMax which produced zero scalp irritation. One year of use and not planning to stop.
Verified Buyer
Results in 3 months
These are my results after 3 months on Minoxidil. More specifically, The MinoxidilMax formulation version WITHOUT Propylene Glycol. I used the regular Kirkland brand minoxidil but after 5 months or so my scalp began to get extremely irritated and Itchy as HELL. By the end, my scalp was covered in acne sort of? They were like pimples or blisters but they wouldn’t pop no matter how hard i squeezed them. So it was most likely inflammation due to the irritation. I didn't get on Minoxidil for a cool 7 months after. Tried Kirkland brand again and the inflammation immediately came back within weeks. So I searched for one without PG (Propylene Glycol). The only one i could find was this one by MinoxidilMax. I highly highly recommend it for anyone who is extremely sensitive to propylene glycol like I was.
Verified Buyer
A Miracle!!
I tried regular Rogaine and WalMart brand several years back, but my head started itching so badly I couldn't stand it and gave up.(I do have sensitive skin.) Well, several years have passed since then and I had continued to lose hair. I have had a ton of stress and my hair literally fell out over about 3 months..I would say 1/3 fell out. I had a bald spot where men get one and I couldn't comb enough hair over it to not have it show. My hair stylist even panicked. My friend convinced me to try Rogaine again. I was desperate enough to do so. Well, again, after a few months, I was itching. I was about to give up. I had bought anti-itch liquid to squirt on my head, and even that couldn't stop it. So I came online and found EssenGen-5 No PG Fast Dry. I doubted I would have any luck, but guess what? I am on my third bottle with absolutely no itching. It continues to work, and I only use it once a day, not twice. I rarely write reviews, but I want to give credit where it is due. I order about 3 bottles at a time. They have fast delivery also. BTW, I am a 67 year old woman who was born with fine thin hair, so you can imagine I didn't have much to work from. BUT I am so happy that at least I can have enough hair to comb over. I also color my hair every 4 weeks, and this product has not affected it. I am so happy to have found something that works that I can use long-term. I was so sad and thought I would just keep going more bald. Thank God for this product!
Verified Buyer
Simply the Industry Leader
Ive been using Minoxidil Max for many years now and im honestly happy they exist. Your mileage may vary, but the products really work and the are one the cutting edge of clinically proven science for hair regrowth - all at a much better price point for similar products. Highly recommend.
Verified Buyer
Great Results!
I’ve had some great results so far using this product. I originally tried a product from Keeps that contained PG to later on find out that it is common for people to be allergic to. My head started to itch and got dandruff from it that I now have to treat. Anyways I discovered Minoxidil Max from my local dermatologist, the first 2 months I had some shedding going on which I was aware of that phase starting it up. The hair growth hair improved I am in between months 3-4 now and the shedding has stopped.
Verified Buyer
No itch, great growth
I have been using EssenGen 5 No PG fast dry for a few months. I am extremely happy that I found this product because prior to using it I had some terrible pustules on my head and violent itching from using minoxidil with Propylene Glycol. This is a wonderful product and even though I am 72 years old I have seen a continued increase in hair growth every month. Thank you very much! I don't itch anymore! I also gave it to my fiancee and she has experienced hair growth as well.
Verified Buyer
Very good beard growth product
Essengen-5 has worked out great for me so far! I tried 5% Rogaine and Kirkland, which irritated and inflamed my skin to no end. This product has been a savior! My face has zero irritation, redness, or inflammation! I only use this product once a day in the evening. My beard is thickening nicely after using it for 3 months. Will keep using it for one year. Can't wait to see what it will look like then. Super!
Verified Buyer
wowowo Really great products.
I was losing my hair from Menopause. Started using this product ESSENGEN-5 3 months ago. I see a wonderful difference. A lot of new hair. Solved my problem! My scalp became uncomfortably itchy and flaky after using regular minoxidil. Works as advertised; Dries quickly, No need for a hairdryer. Regular Rogaine leaves a yellowish stain on pillows and car seats (likely from PG) which this one doesn't!!!!
Verified Buyer
Solved my problem!
My scalp became uncomfortably itchy and flaky after using regular minoxidil after several weeks. I researched what might be causing this and found out it could be an allergy to PG. Started using this product and problem solved! I have continued using it regularly and my hair loss is under control. Pricewise it’s much more expensive than store brands of minoxidil, but I have no choice. Would like to know why getting the PG out increases the price and why the price of this product has been going up. Would love to find a cheaper alternative that works as well as this one.