Your order is usually shipped in one business day after payment is received. If the payment is received before 2pm (EST) of North American Time, your order is usually shipped on the same day.



Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Do you ship to my country?

Answer:  We ship to almost every country in the world. If you can successfully place an order on our website, it means that we can ship to your country. We will ship your order once it is successfully placed. It is our promise that your order will be delivered and delivered timely.


2. How much is the shipping fee?

Answer: The shipping fee varies depending on your country. For most European countries, we offer free shipping by United States Post Office (USPS) First-Class Mail ( For other countries, we charge a flat shipping fee (such as 12 US dollars). It usually takes about 2 weeks or less for shipment to arrive. For some other countries in which USPS First-Class Mail is not secure, we use USPS International Express Mail, which costs more than the First-Class Mail.  But the shipping time is shorter. In addition, USPS International Express Mail has tracking information that ensures that the package is not lost during shipping. First-Class Mail does not have complete tracking information.

To find out how much shipping fee you need to pay, you can simply add your products to the Shopping Cart, select your country on the Checkout page, and you will see the shipping cost automatically calculated for you.


 3. I am in Europe. Do I need to pay any VAT (tax)?

Answer: You do not need to pay any VAT because we have a fulfilment centre in Europe. If you ever need to pay VAT, please show us your receipt and we will refund you the VAT amount you paid.


 4. How to choose USPS International Express Mail shipping method?

Answer: If you wish to receive your order faster and have complete tracking information for your shipment, you can choose Priority Shipping during your check-out. The Priority Shipping cost is a flat fee of 39 US dollars flat fee. It means we will only charge you 40 US dollars regardless how much your order total is (Updated in April, 2018). The amount is subject to change as the shipping cost increases over time).


 5. I noticed that my package was shipped, but I can't track it. Why? 

Answer: If your order is shipped by USPS First-Class Mail, there will be no complete tracking information. Typically it will show when it leaves USA at Jamaica Port of USA. No additional tracking information is available once package is outside USA.


6. My package hasn't arrived after 17 days. Can you provide any tracking information?

Answer: When your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification from us that has the tracking number of your shipment.

For packages shipped by USPS First-Class Mail, it typically takes 1 to 2 weeks to the shipment to arrive. Most customers receive their orders in 10 business days. In rare situations it may take longer (up to 5 weeks). If your order is shipped by USPS First-Class Mail, please be advised that complete tracking information is not available.

If your order is shipped by USPS International Express Mail, you should be able to find the complete tracking information based on the tracking number we provided to you. Express Mail is typically delivered in less than 10 days unless it experiences delay during customs clearance.