• Essengen-F is a topical finasteride only product (without minoxidil).

    This product has 0.2%  finasteride, equivalent to 1 mg finasteride per 0.5 ML of solution.

    One unit is 2 oz (60 ml), sufficient for 4 months of supply with once daily usage (0.5 mL per application). 

    If you have a large hair loss area and 0.5ml is not sufficient to cover it, you can use our PG Solvent to dilute this product to make 0.1% finasteride. Therefore, you can use 1 ml and still receive 1 mg per application.

    This is a fast drying, non-grease topical product. It dries in a few minutes. 


    This product is also convenient for those who want to receive more than 1 mg finasteride daily dosage.

    Following is the volume/dosage exchange rate.

    0.5 mL: 1 mg finasteride

    1.0 mL: 2 mg finasteride

    2.0 mL: 4 mg finasteride



  • 0.2% Finasteride ( 2 mg of finasteride in every 1 ML).


  • Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol (low amount), DMI (dimethyl isosorbite), Polysorbate 20

    The amount of propylene glycol (PG) in this formula is extremely low. Even if you are extremely sensitive to PG, it is very unlikely that you will be allergic to this formula.  If it turns out that you are still allergic to this product, you can always contact us for a refund.

  • Using the included dropper, apply up to 0.5 mL Essengen-F directly on the scalp in the hair loss area, once daily. 






    How long does one unit last?

    A: One unit is 60 ml (2oz). If you used 0.5 ml per application as recommended, it will last for approximately 4 months.


    I found that 0.5 ml is not sufficient to cover all the hair loss area, should I use more?

    A. Please be advised that you need only a very thin film to cover the hair loss area.  0.5ml should be sufficient for most people.  When applied properly, 0.5 ml should be sufficient to cover the hair loss area of a person with advanced hair loss  (such as Hamilton-Norwood scale stage IV - V).

    If you have a large hair loss area and 0.5ml is indeed insufficient to cover it, you can use our PG Solvent or PG Free Solvent to dilute this product to lower the concentration

    1). To make 0.1% topical finasteride, mix one unit of Essengen-F (60 ml) with one unit of PG solvent (60ml),  and you get 120 ml of 0.1% topical finasteride (1 mg per ml).

    2) To make 0.05% topical finasteride,  mix 20 ml of Essengen-F (you can use the included dropper to measure the volume) with one unit of PG solvent (60ml),  and you get 80 ml of 0.05% topical finasteride (0.5 mg per ml).

    3) To make 0.025% topical finasteride,  mix 8.5 ml of Essengen-F (you can use the included dropper to measure the volume) with one unit of PG solvent (60ml),  and you get 68.5 ml of 0.025% topical finasteride (0.25 mg per ml).


    How long will I see results?

    A: It usually takes 3 to 4 months to see results. In another word, you should see some difference after finishing one unit. Consistency is the key to the success. To obtain the best result, it is important to use it every day. It is recommended to use it evening and wash your hair in the morning (no need to use shampoo every time. Rinsing out with water will be fine).  


    Will I experience any regression if I switch from finasteride pill to Essengen-F?

    A. This is product is perfect for those who are taking finasteride pills and concerned about its side effects. One is not expected to have any regression as a result of switching from finasteride pill to Essengen-F. 


    Is this product stable? Can I stock more than one year of supply?

    A. The product has a shelf life of 3 years when stored at room temperature. It is perfectly fine to purchase one year of supply (3 units) at a time. Do not store in a refrigerator. 


    Why should I use this Essengen-F instead of finasteride pill?

    A. The shorter answer is that Essengen-F works the same as finasteride pill (Propecia as brand name) while having less side effects.  That is because the topical formulation has more of a localized effect, so systemic side effects (side effects which effect the entire body), such as decreased libido; erectile dysfunction and those seen with oral form may be avoided. For more detailed information, read here.  


    I have a large hair loss area. 0.5 ml is not enough to cover all the area. What should I do?

    A. 0.5 ml should be able to cover a pretty large area when it is applied properly. In addition, it is not necessary to cover all in each application. You can alternate the areas in different applications to ensure the product is evenly distributed overall. 

    You can also mix 2 oz Essengen-F with 2 oz of PG solvent. You end up with a 4 oz 0.1% topical finasteride solution, which will allow you to use 1.0ml per application per day and one unit still lasts for 4 months. You can order the PG solvent here.


    How can I make a lower concentration of topical finasteride?

    A. The concentration of finasteride (0.2%) in this product is suitable for the majority of people. Some people who are super sensitive to finasteride may want to have a lower concentration. This can be easily achieved by mixing this product with PG solvent we offer. 




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Verified Buyer
New Product
I tried taking Propecia tablets for hairloss which worked amazingly well. My hair grew back like I was 20 years old again. However, the side effects were horrible, heart racing, rashes and lack of sexual drive. I stopped taking the tablets for obvious reasons. I had been waiting for a topical solution the same as Propecia and finally Essegen-F was released. It is very early days for trying this but fingers crossed it works as well as Propecia but without the side effects. So far no side effects have happened. It is great to use and dries really quickly.
Verified Buyer
Good thing is only topical.
I have been using this product for over 5 months on my receding hairline. Unfortunately, I have not seen any improvement whatsoever. I was really hoping this would be the product that would at least stop my hair from receding. I guess I will try another product. I cannot recommend this product.
Verified Buyer
hair loss reduced, and got thickened
Essengen-F has been fantastic for giving me the finasteride that my hair needs, without needing to take the oral tablet which gives me many hormone-related side effects. With the topical solution, I don't have to worry about any side-effects at all, but still, get to preserve my hair. It's fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who can't / doesn't want to use the oral version of Finasteride. It also happens to dry extremely fast which is also a massive bonus. Not much is needed at all to maintain hair,
Verified Buyer
Great Alternative to Oral Piils
I received a free sample of this product which I used to replace my oral finasteride pills and so far it works great--I'm actually seeing more improvement than I did when using the pills. Would definitely recommend.
Verified Buyer
Very pleased
Very pleased with the product virtually side effect free, as a female in my fifties with very thinning hair this product has been god sent, not only did it stop the hair loss but in addition has increased hair growth despite using it only every other day. Very easy to apply no harsh smell, after applying I can literally comb my hair and go out for the evening. I am happy that they offer just Finesteride alone, I have low blood pressure and couldn't chance minoxidil,excellent product for thinning eyebrows too, the product may sound spendy but it lasts forever and its excellent quality i have spent more on just shampoos that promised hairgrowth with no results,this product produces results fast and steady, they have a permanent customer right here
Verified Buyer
It works Fast
I started to use this product in combination with Dualgen-5R and it really worked for me and I saw the results after approximately 4 months of using. I ordered from Canada with normal shipping and I received that sooner than expected time.
Verified Buyer
Switch from oral finpecia to this
So far quitted from oral finpecia for a month already and switch to this, i was glad my hair is well maintained. Perfect solution for oral finaterside.
Verified Buyer
Topical finasteride only product
It took me quite a while to find this product. I do not want to use any minoxidil and I am scared of the side effects of oral finasteride. This is a perfect product for me. Used this product for only 3 weeks. Too early to tell if works. But the product dries super quick, very easy to use. so far I am confident.
Verified Buyer
ESSENGEN F is a definite hair grower.
I am a female in my fifties, with very thinning hair, my mom in her eighties has bald patches,women in our family have been diagnosed with high male hormones,so with nothing to lose except hair I decided to try the topical ESSENGEN F What great results even the baby hairs on my forehead that I lost in my 30's is growing back in,at least a 40% hair growth from just 4 months of use every other day, I had very thinning eyebrows and apply it there too and now I have gorgeous eyebrows, my only one concern is that they would stop making this product,this is the only Company maybe in the world that offers topical solution and I love it that its just Finesteride alone.
Verified Buyer
So far so good
4 months in, so far good results, hoping even better results once more time has passed.