Dualgen-5 Fast Dry
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No itching, fast dry
Thought my fight-with-balding story I have tried several minoxidil products. They were good in the sense of actually fighting the hair loss, but caused itching or some other sense of discomfort in my scalp. Once I tried Dualgen, I forgot all of those things. Also want to note nice customer care offered by the company.
This product dries really fast, very easy to use. I use this product only in the morning, it gives the hair more volume. My hair falls has stopped, I have to add that I also use Essengen 6 plus in the evening.
Stopped hair loss, noticeable thickening
I have been using this product for 4 months in place of Loxon 5% (Minoxidil). Just before starting the treatment I stopped using my previous Minoxidil product, what increased shedding which I was already experiencing on abnormally high levels. Dualgen stopped the shedding and over the course of 4 months my hair started to look thicker. It is hard to evaluate the regrowth as I did not take any "before" photos, but the fact that now I'm not noticing even nearly as much hair lost during showering or brushing hair as I did before is a strong enough sign for me that it's doing its job.
Dries really fast
I am using this product for 1.5 months, so I am not able to comment on its regrowth effectiveness (none so far, but it may take time as with all hair loss treatments). Now concerning the drying time, it's really fast, I mean FAST. The only other Minoxidil 5% formula that plays on the same championship (drying time wise) is Lipogaine sensitive (which I'm using before bed). In summary: Pros - drying time; very fast shipping Cons - I can only use it in the morning, given that I'm quite sensitive to caffeine. If I use it before bed I won´t be able to rest properly Suggestion: if possible, please bring back the free international shipping
Excellent Product
I have been using straight 5% minoxidil for years and started using this product recently after one of my friends recommended it to me. I can already see improvement, it definitely works and I will highly recommend it. Not as greasy as some other products. It dries fast.