DualGen-15 NO PG Plus
  • ✔ The Ultimate Hair Regrowth Solution: DualGen-15 NO PG Plus is the most powerful solution available for fighting against hair loss that is usually only available through hair regrowth clinics.

     ✔ Two FDA Approved Ingredients in One Solution: It has the maximum strength of FDA approved hair growth stimulator Minoxidil (15.0%) and DHT blocker Finasteride (0.1%) with other auxiliary ingredients such as Azelaic acid (5%), Retinol (0.025%) and Caffeine.

     ✔ No Need to Buy Finasteride Pill: If you are currently taking a 1mg finasteride pill a day, you don't need to continue to take the pill if you use this topical solution. 

     ✔ Who Should Use DualGen-15 NO PG Plus:  This product is intended for men with advanced hair loss. It is most suitable for those who used Dualgen-15 NO PG for at least four (4) months without satisfactory results.

     ✔ Skin Friendly: Free of Propylene glycol (PG, or PPG). PG is the culprit that causes scalp irritation seen in most other brands of minoxidil products.



  • Minoxidil 15.0%

    Finasteride 0.1% (1mg of finasteride in 1 mL)

    Azelaic acid 5.0% 

    ABN complexTM (0.80%)

    Retinol 0.025% 

    Caffeine 0.001% 


    (If you have any questions regarding topical finasteride, please read here

    If you want to have a product that has topical finasteride without minoxidil, you can check out Essengen-F. )



  • Using the included dropper, apply up to 1 ml of DualGen-15 NO PG Plus to your scalp in the hair loss area in the evening.

    Once a day should be sufficient for most people. It can be used in conjunction with a lower strength solution such as our EssenGen-6 Plus, DualGen-5,or Essengen-5. In that case use the low strength product in the morning and DualGen-15 NO PG Plus in the evening, and use each product once daily. 

    If you do want to use this product twice daily, please do it only after it is proved that once a day is not effective enough and you have no side effects to use it twice a day.

    Use no more than 1 ml each time.

    You only need to use enough to cover your balding/thinning area with a thin film of the solution.

    No massage is needed.

    You can use your finger tip or the tip of the dropper (included) to spread the solution.

    Try your best to apply the solution directly to your scalp by parting your hair.

    Otherwise you end up wasting the product on your hair and it takes longer time to dry.



  • dualgen-15 NO PG PLus




  • Please be advised that there are two versions of Dualgen-15 Plus:  one is DualGen-15 NO PG Plus, the other is DualGen-15 With PG Plus

    A. If you are not allergic to propylene glycol, it is recommended to use DualGen-15 With PG Plus that is slightly less greasy than DualGen-15 NO PG Plus.

    B. If you would like to buy this product without finasteride due to the concern about the possible side effects caused by topical finasteride, please check out Dualgen-15 NO PG.


    If you have never used our Dualgen-15 NO PG (free of finasteride), you are recommended to try Dualgen-15 NO PG first.


    If you want to have a product that has topical finasteride without minoxidil, you can check out Essengen-F


    Not sure which product to choose? Please see the product comparison page.   





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Verified Buyer
In soli 2 mesi di utilizzo ho notato e si vede un grande differenza sia in caduta che in ricrescita
Verified Buyer
The results is nothing but amazing
I had been using Rogaine for 3 years. It seemed to slow my hair loss but no growth at all. My friend recommended this product to me. I have been using it for 5 months. The results is nothing but amazing. I can clearly see my hair on the top is thickening up and I am gaining ground on my front. Awesome product!
Verified Buyer
Great but too sticky
Great but too sticky get the product with Glycol, or put on finger tips and rub in directly at scalp and do not spray on hair
Verified Buyer
Very Good product
I use it from azerbaycan. It works for the back side of the head.one time use is enough for a day. I advise for users that have alopecia. When you begin to loose your hairs, use immediately. If passed more years, better don't try
Verified Buyer
Robbing people
I ordered some products from this site and up to now I haven’t received an email or a tracking number they took $187.00 USD And up to now y’all robbing people

Reply from Seller: Your order was shipped the 2nd after you placed the order. it was delivered on March 16th.
Verified Buyer
it's a good product but I find it hard to put on without leaving my hair coated with a sticky coating. I think it's because it takes longer to dry and I do it before going to bed so when I lay my head against the pillow it happens. The essengen 6 seems to work fine for me and doesn't do this.
Verified Buyer
Mildly positive results after 4 months
I've been using DualGen-15 NO PG Plus for 4 months only so there is still a few months to go before efficiency can be actually assessed in my case. I had been using 5% minoxidil lotions for 20 years before. Allopecia is grade 3+/4, yet with scanty hair in affected scalp zones. Hairloss was at least stopped and a slight partial regrowth area is reported by relatives in the frontmost (above forehead) area.
Verified Buyer
Great product
I have just started using Dualgen NO PG plus recently. Prior I had been using 15% formula which was similar, but they stopped shipping world wide. I found Dualgen as an alternative, so far works great. Fingers crossed I will see more results in time, I’m very happy so far and will be a long term client. The prices are very affordable compared to other competitors and the product is very legit. The service and customer response is fanstastic. Thank you, I will be a long term client from the United Kingdom.
Verified Buyer
Very easy: This product duligen 15 WORKS.
Verified Buyer
I had been using the "normal" minoxidil, the older one for a long time and sure decent effects but nothing to be overly excited about. But this new one? I basically solved my hair issues at the moment, hair fall is drastically, almost completely reduced so now I have a significant amount of my original hair back like 50%? It's amazing really hard to believe almost but it's true. I am not at a level where the fall was severe, so no baldness so to speak but definitively in full fall process and now it virtually stopped. I use this together with the Dutasteride + PG solvent, I have my own routine and damn it works. If you are not bald yet just losing hair buy all the 3 products and yes you can kinda solve hair loss, as unbelievable as it sounds.