Revivogen Review

The Revivogen line of hair care products is formulated to deal with hair loss. It was produced by leading dermatologists, and intended to work at the hair follicle. A hormone called DHT is believed to be one of the primary factors in hair loss, in particular when it is hereditary. DHT is the product of an elaborate reaction happening in the hair follicle. Special ingredients in Revivogen products are thought to stop the production of DHT thereby delaying hair loss.

The Revivogen line is comprised of 3 products: the Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, Hair Thickening Conditioner, and Scalp Therapy serum. These 3 products are intended to be used alongside one another. The shampoo and conditioner have tiny amounts of the growth activating compounds, in addition to ingredients created to maintain optimal hair health. The special Scalp Therapy serum is the real magic worker in treating hair loss. It has very concentrated quantities of DHT blocking, growth promoting substances.

If your hair loss has only just begun, these 3 products that make up the Revivogen line may just be the best solution for you. If your hair loss is acute or in the advanced phase, you would probably do better with something stronger, like Rogain, although Revivogen might work as a supporting treatment.

In spite of great reviews from some users, others report no success with Revivogen. One of the most common issues of dissatisfied users is that hair loss increased after only one or two uses. This is actually common, and the issue is even dealt with on the manufacturer’s site. What takes place is that Revivogen stimulates the growth phase of the hair follicles, accelerating the growth of current hair. It’s essential to know that hair strands don’t instantaneously go from healthy to gone. There is a transition phase when the hair remains attached, but dying. Pre-existing hair at this time are released faster and new hair will come faster too. Right after the first month, the increase in hair loss should cease, and you should start to see a significant reduction in hair loss.

Keep in mind Revivogen is no rapid hair loss cure. To see the full potential of Revivogen, you’ll need to use it on a regular basis and in the right way for 12 to 18 months. The suggested is 3 to 5 times per week. The scalp serum, however, has a gooey consistency and strong scent that many users dislike. A lot of people, including those that don’t have hair loss problems, love using the shampoo and conditioner because they make their hair smooth, soft, and full of body. However, if you have hair loss,, it is important that you use the serum. Just using the shampoo and conditioner is not going to take care of your hair loss problem.

So, should you use Revivogen? The answer depends mainly on your hair, and your budget. Revivogen can help if your hair loss is due to age or is genetic. You also really need to be sure it’s something you can afford and are prepared to use on a regular basis for 12 to 18 months.