ketoconazole shampoo

Ketoconazole is approved for use as an anti-fungal agent in the treatment of infections that occur due to fungi and yeasts. This review is focus on the its usage in shampoo for hair loss treatment. 

How Does It Work? As far as its role in treating and preventing hair loss is concerned, there are a number of theories. According to the American Hair Loss Association, apart from its anti-fungal properties it also has anti-androgenic effects. When ingested orally it is known to inhibit the binding of androgens to receptors in the body, which would include the binding of DHT to hair-follicle receptors (see the ‘Hair Loss Explained’ section for the leading causal theory of hair loss).  It may






pure biology revivahair

Pure Biology is a very new brand. It does not have any official site and all products are exclusively available on Amazon as of today. Several of its products were catapulted  to number 1. position on Amazon immediately after it was released. Pure Biology RevivaHair Growth Stimulating Shampoo Review is one of these products.

Let's take a look at Pure Biology RevivaHair shampoo together.






Lipogaine big 3 shampoo

Big 3 shampoo has been one of the most popular hair loss shampoo on the market. We are taking a close look at this product by examining its ingredients.  

Shampoo as a treatment for hair loss is appealing to many hair loss people because of the convenience. We need to wash our hair and use shampoo anyway. So using a special shampoo to treat our hair loss does not require any additional efforts. It does not mess up our hair either as we will need to rinse it out. The downside is that the contact of the product with the scalp is too short (usually 3 to 5 minutes), so it is difficult for