TRINOV (Brotzu lotion) Ingredients
TRINOV (Brotzu lotion) Ingredients



Brotzu lotion, also know as Trinov Lozione anticaduta or  Trinov lotion, is a patented formulation by Fidia Farmaceutici. It is a new product for hair loss treatment with lots of hypes. The effectiveness of a product lies in the ingredients. This blog will focus on the ingredients of this product. For the comprehnsive review of the product, please read Trinov Lozione Anticaduta (Brotzu lotion) review.    


Core Ingredients

Brotzu lotion consists of 13 ingredients, 3 of which are core therapeutic ingredients, and 10 of which are ancillary ingredients. The core ingredients in Brotzu lotion as referenced in the figure above, are DGLA, PLC and Equol.

DGLA is a 20-carbon fatty acid which is exceedingly rare – it is only found in miniscule amounts in animals, and is formed in the human body the elongation of GLA by an enzymatic reaction. DGLA is subsequently metabolized in the body to produce extremely potent anti-inflammatory compounds such as thromboxanes and prostanoids. 

PLC is a free radical scavenger, also known as an antioxidant. PLC has been studied extensively for its anti-aging and athletic competitive sport enhancing capabilities. Indeed, PLC supplementation has been shown to improve anaerobic respiration and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid during high intensity exercise. Concomitantly, it has been shown to improve the exercise tolerance and quality of life in patients with peripheral arterial diseas. 

Soybeans and other plants contain daidzen which is a naturally occurring compound and an isoflavone. Intestinal microbiota metabolize daidzen into Equol which has shown promise in the treatment of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes as well as in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – a condition affecting older men. Indeed, studies have shown that Equol has been associated with positive outcomes in osteoporotic patients, prostate cancer as well as in hyperlipidaemia (elevated levels of cholesterol). 

These 3 core ingredients are loaded onto liposomes, which are spherical units that carry pharmaceutical drugs within them for the purpose of delivery into the skin. Since they contain a lipid layer externally, they are able to penetrate the cell membrane (which is also comprised of an external lipid layer) in order to deliver the drug within the target cell. Brotzu lotion leverages on liposomes which are made of a polyunsaturated fatty acid which is not specified. Various acids such as phosphatidylcholine, palmitoyl-stearoylphosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin could have been used.


What are the concentration of the three main ingredients?

This is a patented formula. None of the concentration of the ingredients in this product was dislcosed. However, the patent filed by Fidia Farmaceutici gives some hint what the concentrations are.

If you are familar with the gold-standard hair loss treatment minoxidil, you will be surprised how low the percent of these ingredients compared to the total mass are in Brotzu's lotion.

Minoxidil products have concentrations from 2% to 15% (v/v). The concentration of DGLA, PLC, and Equol in Brotzu lotion is estimated be in the range of 0.1% or lower. 


Complete Ingredients 

However, apart from these 3 core ingredients, Brotzu lotion contains 10 other ingredients. In no particular order, these are:

Solvents (Water, denatured Alcohol),  Emulsifiers ( Lecithin, Polysorbate 20), Anti-Foaming Agent (Steramine), Antioxidant (Tocopherol) , Preservatives (Ethylhexyglycerin, Caprylyl Glycol), Moisturizers & Viscosity Regulators (  1,2-hexanediol, Glycerin).


Water is necessary as a solvent in which the other constituent ingredients dissolve. As Brotzu lotion is am emulsified solution, certain compounds known as “emulsifiers” are necessary to mix the ingredients within to produce a consistent liquid. To fulfil this emulsifier role, lecithin and polysorbate 20 are added. Stearamine is an anti-foaming agent added into the mixture.

Denatured alcohol is added into Brotzu lotion for three reasons – first, it provides a cooling sensation when it evaporates off the skin. Second, it is used a primary solvent to dissolve the other ingredients. Third, it mitigates the greasiness of the lotion.

Tocopherol is a vitamin E compound which is naturally found in nuts and oils, and has potent antioxidant activity. Brotzu lotion has a shelf-life of 3 years; this is because the preservative Ethylhexyglycerin is added into the mixture. Additionally, caprylyl glycol is added for its preservative function as well as its antimicrobial properties.

1,2-hexanediol is a commercial moisturizer and regulates the viscosity (thickness and stickiness) of Brotzu lotion.  Likewise, glycerin is added into the mixture to improve the smoothness and moisturizing characteristics of Brotzu lotion.



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