Hairomega Review

What is Hairomega?

Hairomega is a hair loss treatment herbal supplement. It has two products: Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT Blocker and Hairomega DHT Blocker  (See the ingredient comparison of these two products below). Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT Blocker has more comprehnsive ingredients than Hairomega DHT blocker. It is intended to address 3 main causes for hair loss: hormonal imbalance,  poor blood circulation and poor nutrition.  The Hairomega DHT Blocker mainly targets hormonal imbalance.  These two products can be taken together or by its own.



Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT Blocker: 120 tablets, 30-day supply

Hairomega DHT Blocker: 90 tablets, 45-day supply.



Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT Blocker: $22.95-$29.95 a month
Hairomega DHT Blocker: $19.95-$29.95 a month.



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Hairomega Ingredients

Hairomega 3-in-1 contains Saw-Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol to fight Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that blocks the follicle affecting hair growing space resulting it to thinning and eventually hair loss if not aided. Saw-Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol are agents that balance the hormones and controlling the DHT accumulation in the follicle by providing it with its nutrients for faster hair growth. 

Other essential hair nutrients like Biotin to nourish hair follicles and helps hair grow and Ginkgo Biloba and Grape Seed extract to promote healthy circulation to the root of the hair, are also essential ingredients of this product. It increases blood circulation to the roots that aids the hair to achieve the nourishment it needed.


Does Hairomega Work?

Hairomega contains natural DHT blockers Saw-Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol. Therefore it may slow down hair loss. It may also help hair grows faster because it has biotin. But it lacks the key hair growth stimulator. Its is expected to be not as effective as the hair loss products that has both minoxidil and DHT blockers.


Is Hairomega Safe?

Hairomega is very similar to Nuhair, except that it has some additional ingredients and larger dosage for some key ingredients like saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol. Therefore it may have negative impact on liver like Nuhair for a long term use although the warning is not shown on the label.