Happy Head Topical Finasteride for Hair Loss Review
happy head topical finasteride for hair loss


Happy Head topical finasteride is a hair regrowth product created by Dr. Ben Behnam, a Los Angeles dermatologist. The product has 3 active ingredients: 0.25% finasteride, 8% minoxidil and 0.01% retinoic acid.This blog will review Happy Head Topical Finasteride solution in depth in comparison to our Maxogen-X, a more convenient and affordable solution.

What Is the Happy Head Topical?

Happy Head topical is a hair loss remedy that consists of topical finasteride and minoxidil used to regrow hair and help combat male and female pattern baldness. It is available in California only through Dr. Ben Behnam’s office.


What Does Each of The Ingredients Do?

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved ingredient that stimulates hair growth by enlarging the hair follicles and prolonging the growth phase of the hair cycle. 

Finasteride is also an FDA-approved dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blocker. DHT is an androgen that causes shrinkage of the hair follicle and shortens the duration of your hair’s growth cycle. So, blocking it would prevent hair follicle shrinkage that results in excessive thinning of hair. 

, also called tretinoin, is a minoxidil enhancer, meaning that it enhances the effects of minoxidil. 


Who Can Use the Products

Topical hair loss remedies such as Happy Head and Maxogen-X can be used by adults with androgenetic alopecia (aka male or female pattern baldness). 


Monthly Cost

Happy Head hair loss solution is 60 ml per bottle. It requires two applications a day. You can only get it through Dr. Ben Behnam's office, which costs $79 a month. If you only want to try for one month or if you live outside of California, you are out of luck. 


How to Use Happy Head Topical Finasteride?

It is a topical solution. The solution should be applied to the hair loss area twice a day using a dropper. Use no more than 1 ml per application.


Possible Side Effects of Happy Head Product?

Since it has both minoxidil and finasteride, it can potentially have both minoxidil side effects and finasteride side effects, albeit at much lower chance compared to oral finasteride.


Maxogen-X is one of several topical finasteride and minoxidil products we offer. It was created before Happy Head. Maxogen-X is offered worldwide excluding the USA.  

What is Maxogen-X?

Maxogen-X is a similar but more powerful product than Happy Head. It requires only one application a day. It has the following ingredients:

Minoxidil.....................7.0% (70 mg*)

Finasteride...............0.15% (1.5 mg*)

Azelaic Acid.................1.5% (15mg*)

ABN Complex    ........0.8% (8.0 mg*)

Retinoic Acid (aka, Tretinoin)......0.025% (0.25 mg*)

Fluocinolone............0.01% (0.1 mg*)

Caffeine:.............0.001% (0.01 mg*)

In addition to minoxidil, finasteride, and retinoic acid in Happy Head, Maxogen-X also has azelaic acid (natural DHT blocker), ABN complex (a proprietary blend to target hair loss caused other than androgenic alopecia), caffeine (hair growth) stimulator, and fluocinolone (help control scalp irritation).

Because Maxogen-X requires only one application a day, it is a lot more convenient than Happy Head that requires two applications a day. In addition, it cuts down the price by more than  half. It costs only $30 per month if you order 6 months of supply. 

No need to do any subscription to get the product. What is even better is that you can request a sample of Maxogen-X for free.

See more details on Maxogen-X here.

TonyKR's picture


  July 19, 2022

Does Happy Head ship to UK?

Bryant's picture


  July 19, 2022 Author

It does not seem to ship to any country other than USA. Even in the USA, it only ship to some states, not all the states.

Robbie B's picture

Robbie B

  April 20, 2021

Do you have any product that just has minoxidil and finasteride without anything else?

Bryant's picture


  April 20, 2021 Author

Essengen-6 Plus is what you are looking for. Thanks.