Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap review
Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap  review



The Kiierr laser hair growth cap is one of the several brands that belong to Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for hair loss treatment.  Some studies, though with a small number of subjects, indicate LLLT can halt or even reverse hair loss at its early stages. Although LLLT is generally believed to be less effective than the mainstream treatments like minoxidil and finasterideit warrants some examination. 


In this blog, we will compare Kiierr with several other very similar, almost identical products to help you choose the best product, and also give you specific information abou the guarantees of each, to help you avoid falling into a "fine print" trap. 


What is the Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap?

It is an FDA-cleared laser hair therapy system  intended for both male and female with androgenic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness). The device is FDA-clearednot FDA-approved, meaning the effectiveness and safety is not rigorously demonstrated (in contrast, minoxidil and finasteride are FDA approved).  The device is said to use clinical-strength laser technology in treating both hair loss and thinning hair for men and women. More specifically, it is intended for men in the age range of 18-48 (Norwood-Hamilton Scale between Class IIa to V )and women between 18-60 years who are suffering from hair loss (Ludwig Savin Scale between Class I to II, see images below). The skin type the laser cap may work is Fitzpatrick Skin Types  I to VI as shown below.


The Laser Cap has two models. One has 148 laser diodes, the other has 272 laser diodes. They are essentially the same, except the latter has more laser diodes and provides better coverage, but does cost more money.


How does it work? 

Like any other LLLT device, it works by delivering laser light to the scalp, energizing and activating hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. 

how does kiierr work


What is included in the product?

The Kiierr package contains a laser cap (dome), sport cap, USB cable, wall charger plug, battery, and a manual (see image below).

what is included in kiierr


Who can use the product?

Like the RegrowMD laser cap, this product does not work for all hair loss types and skin types.

It works only for androgenic alopecia (male/female pattern hair loss). Even with the androgenic alopecia, it is only intended for men with Norwood-Hamilton Scale classifications of type IIa to V and women with Ludwig Savin Scale classification type I to II. (see image below). 

The skin type RegrowMD may work with is Fitzpatrick Skin Types  I to VI, as indicated below. Worth noting is that it works better for light skin than dark skin. Presumably the darker skin acts as an obstacle to the penetration of laser light and makes it less effective or ineffective. 

kiierr works for men hair loss

Kiierr works for women hair loss


How should the Laser Cap be used?

It is recommended that the user wear the Kiierr laser hat every other day, 30 minutes each time, which is different than the Capillus laser cap that requires daily use, 6 minutes a day. It is more similar to iRestore which is recommended to be used 2-3 times a week, 25 minutes a week.  One needs to continue to use the device to sustain the results. 


When using the product, put it on your head, and press the on/off power button on the battery to turn on the cap.  The device beeps every 10 minutes, and it shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. The usage for Kiierr, illumiflow and RedRestore is all the same.




Safety, and side effects

LLLT is generally believed to be free of any side effects except for some complaints of scalp itchiness. 

It very important to make sure your head is free of minoxidil or any other hair care products when you use the device. You can still use minoxidil products as if you were not using the laser helmet. However, you just need to wash your hair and dry it before you use Kierr device.

Keep the device away from water, wet spots, or anything damp. Also, make sure your hair is dry before using it, and it should be kept away from the reach of children or pets.


Avoid looking at the laser light diodes directly when they are on. The laser lights will continue to be on if you take the cap off your head during the middle of a session. This is potentially a safety issue. Therefore, it is very important to turn the device off if you need a break. Capillus and iRestore are doing better in this regards. They automatically pause once the hat/helmet is off your head. 


How is the Kiierr laser cap compared to other brands?

 There are several other brands of laser cap that look and work very similarly.  They are listed below, side by side, for the model with 272 laser diodes. Some brands have a lower model with 148 laser diodes. They are not listed here to save space. However, their comparison is very consistent with the 272 model.

   RegrowMD Capillus Kiierr illumiflow Redstore
Number of
laser diode
272 272 272 272 272
 Wavelength of laser (nm)  650  650 650  650 650
# of LED lights  0 0  0  0 0
 FDA cleared?  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
FDA approved? NO No No No No
 Where is it made China USA China China China
 Battery powered? Yes   Yes  yes  yes yes
Including wall plug for outside USA?** No  yes No No No
Quality Very Good Excellent Good Good Good
Price (USD) $999 $2999 $845 $799 $839


At first glance, there is almost no difference between these brands including Kiierr,  RegrowMD, Capillus, illumiflow and RedRestore. The main device is made of a plastic dome with 272 laser diodes mounted inside and a sports cap to cover the dome. The sports cap is for aesthetic purpose. The device can be used without it.

So what are the differences between the five brands above?

1. Price: as shown in the table above. 

2. FeaturesCapillus is somewhat different from the other four in that its plastic dome is flexible while the other four have a firm dome. It also has a safety feature that the other four don't have: the treatment session will automatically pause when the hat is taken off the head. Capillus also has a mobile app, while the others don't have.

The other four brands including RegrowMD, illumiflow, Redrestore are essentially the same except that RegrowMD has a flexible Biolight Comfort (see below) for more comfortable wearing. 

3. Battery: The batteries used by the RegrowMD and Capillus last much longer than other 3 brands. You can use them more than 10 times before you need to recharge it, while the other three brands recommend recharging the battery after every 3 sessions.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee: This is probably the most important factor when considering which cap to buy. They all sound very good. But that is only true until you read the fine print. Here are the details, current as of Feb 11, 2020.

     a. RegrowMD:  One year satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can return the product any time within one year, but needs to pay a 25% restocking fee.

     b. Capillus: The same as Regrow MD.

     c. Red Restore:  One year satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can return the product any time within one year, but needs to pay a 20% restocking fee. The product must be in resellable condition. Otherwise, the return may be rejected or the buyer needs to pay a 50% restocking fee.

     d. illumiflow:  Six months satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can only request a return within six months after the purchase, and customer has a one month widow (from sixth to the 7th month after the purchase) to return the product. There is no need to pay any restocking fee if the product is in the same condition it was in when you received it, except for normal wear.  

     e. Kiierr:  Seven months satisfaction guarantee. Buyer can request a return for refund only if he/she submitted a before photoBuyer can only request return a seven months after the purchase and the customer has a mere 7 day window to do so. You'd better set some reminders on your phone,; otherwise, you will likely miss the narrow window.

In summary, illumiflow probably has the most lenient return for refund condition, while Kiieer's has the most stringent condition, which makes it almost impossible to get the refund if you do not return in 7 days after receiving the product and are willing to pay 20% restocking fee.


Price and Where to Order

The 148 diode model is $595, and 272 model is $845. The products are only available at Kiierr's official site, and are not available on Amazon. 


Battery Issue 

As mentioned above, the Kiierr battery does not seem to last as long as than other brands. It requires more frequent recharging. The image below shows that the Kiierr battery is a little bit longer, but thinner than that of RegrowMD. The overall volume of Kiierr's battery is smaller than RegrowMD, which probably explains why it has less capability and needs recharging more often. 

kiierr battery issue



Kiierr Before and After Photos

The photos shown below are claimed to be the results of using Kieerr Laser Hair Growth Cap for a few months. Because only a partial view of the head is shown, it is really difficult to tell how much difference the product made.

 Kiierr before and after photos


Kierr is one of several laser hats for hair loss treatment on the market. Its price is on the lower side but not the lowest one. It has the strictest satisfaction guarantee conditions. The battery needs to be improved to be on a par with other brands. Overall, it is a good hair growth laser hat. For people who want to get good bang for the buck on a LLLT device, it is not a bad choice. One just needs to be very careful on the return and refund conditions in case you need to return it.

If you want to save some money, you should consider illumiflow, which has the same if not better quality than Kiierr but with more a reasonable satisfaction guarantee. If you have a deep pocket and want to have the best quality laser cap, you should check out the Capillus laser cap. If you want to pay for a reasonable price for a best built laser helmet, you should definitely consider the Theradome laser Hair Growth Device. One product that is quite popular online but you should avoid is iRestore that uses ineffective LED lights to beguile customers.

Do not expect magic results from the use of LLLT devices like Kiierr alone. To ensure the best results, it is best use it with minoxidil and/or finasteride product, or a derma roller



Miranda I's picture

Miranda I

  June 15, 2020

Is there any the side effect for someone that had chemo about 6 years ago and has been cancer free ever since?

Bryant's picture


  June 16, 2020 Author

If it is not skin cancer, it should be fine. You can find answers to a lot of questions related to laser cap in the Q&A section of this product.

Richard R's picture

Richard R

  October 1, 2019

Is there any shampoo you recommend to use with LLLT device?

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  October 2, 2019 Author

You can use a ketoconazole shampoo like Hair Covet hair restoration shampoo.