Procerin DHT Blocker, Procerin XT Foam Review

What is Procerin?:

Procerin is a two product solution for hair loss. The first consists of a daily supplement designed to block the formation of DHT within the body (hereafter called Procerin DHT blocker). It attempts to inhibit  5-alpha-reductase and therefore the production of DHT.

The second part (Procerin XT) is a topical foam that needs to be applied daily to the scalp. It contains natural DHT blockers including linoleic and azelaic acids. The two products can be used together or on its own.


Procerin Supplement DHT blocker: 90 Tablets, 30 day supply.

Procerin-XT foam:30 ml, 30 day supply.

Below we will examine the ingredients of both products and the claimed benefits, and possible side effects.


Procerin Supplement DHT blocker

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Procerin Supplement DHT blocker is a hair-loss solution that uses saw palmetto berries as the primary active ingredient. The bulk of the DHT inhibition is traditionally done by the combination of saw palmetto and and beta-sitosterol. Unfortunately, Procerin only has 1500mg of saw palmetto berries.

Therefore 1500mg of saw palmetto berry is not the same as 1500mg of 90% standardized saw palmetto extract or even 750 mg of 50% standardized saw palmetto extract. Typically, saw palmetto berry powders have less than 8.5% free fatty acids.1 At 1500mg you are getting a maximum of 127.50mg fatty acids.

Its proprietary blend is only a daily dose of 30mg. One ingredient of this minuscule blend is gotu kola is helpful for circulation and improves venous tone.

Stinging Nettles is an anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin and scalp.

Pumpkin seed is another DHT-blocking ingredient.

Eleuthero Root helps the body deal with stress and boosts immunity. People taking it have been found to have increased numbers of immune cells. Muira puma is an herb commonly used for erectile dysfunction. We don't know why Procerin decided to put this in their formulation. Uva ursi, also known as bearberry, has been historically used for urinary disorders. It has antibacterial properties from the chemicals arbutin and hydroquinone. It also has tannins that have astringent effects that reduce inflammation.



Procerin-XT foam

proecerin photo procerin_xt_foam_ingredients_product_zps3q5ithv8.jpg;

Procerin XT Foam Ingredients:  water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG- 40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Saw plametto Extract, Rooibos Leaf Extract, Grape seed Extract, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, Avocado Oil, Panthenol, Niacin, Azelaic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Zinc Sulfate, Peppermint Oil, Lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.


The key ingredients in the procerin XT-Foam are Azelaic Acid and Saw Palmetto and some fatty acicds.  Most other ingredients are inccluded to help bring the key ingredients into solution and help generate foam.


Does Procerin Work!?

There is no clinical data that shows Procerin works. It does not have any of the two FDA approved ingredients: minoxidil and finasteride. So its effectiveness is a big question mark.

Is Procerin Safe?

Yes, although you should be worrying about whether or not it will be potent enough instead.